Friday, February 12, 2010


Poor Deqlan. He didnt go to school today. He is not feeling well

He was actually worse last night, with a fever to accompany no appetite . He was also lethargic, just laying on his Dada. When i went to the bathroom and returned , i found our poor little guy throwing up.

So off we went to the doctor and she reckons its a viral tummy bug - there is a tummy bug going around at the moment. The fever tells us that its a seperate thing to the candida die off we experienced in the beginning of the week. Luckily, a bath or laying under a fan , manages to bring it down without us having to give medication for the fever

So Deqlan had his first day off school. I must say it was lovely to have him running around us this morning and tucking us in to bed , making us clap as he jumps up and down on the bed.

Still no appetite this afternoon, although he did eat a few crisps and some popcorn, and he is still enjoying his rice milk and juice today, and all has stayed down. Fever seems to come and go , but not to high.

Please pray for Deqlan to feel better soon and for his tummy to feel better and for it to ask for food soon again!

Deqlans new game , when coming home to Nanna's house after Little leaps, is to "tuck" us into bed. No matter where we are in the house, he comes to fetch Nanna, then Mama, then Grandpa. We all get put in our regular places and then heads gently pushed to sleep. We might get one of his little fingers on our lips, as if to say 'ssshhh'. He will proudly point to us one at a time and say "nanna, mama,grandpa' Yip, Deqlan is saying Grandpa and Dee couldnt be more delighted! Then he will squeeze , in between us and say "good night'! But only for a little while. He then goes to Nanna, to show her how to claps hands for him, then to Mama , then to Grandpa, which follows a beautiful display of jumping on the bed while we all clap and say hooray!!!! Big smiles all around and lots of laughter and fun had by all.

Another new sentence is ' I SAY WHY?' Because Deqlan has watched his favorite dvds over and over and i mean over and over, in some parts of the dvd is a scratch preventing the dvd from playing smoothly. This is MOST upsetting to Deqlan, who will cry and ask ' I SAY WHY?" Its hard not to smile at how cute this is, even though he is so upset! When he was looking for Grandpa earlier today, before he returned home from work, he searched every room of the house and we tried to explain that Grandpa was still at work , coming later. ' I SAY WHY?' Shame, he was so upset - but is so lovely to hear him expressing himself.

At times when Deqlan doesnt know how to express himself, also during a dvd jumping or stopping, you might find yourself dodging a jewellery box, or dvd or frame, whatever is closest for Deqlan to reach and throw . He can get so frustrated and this is how he deals with some situations - throwing to get it all out... of course we will have to work on this and have to find another way for Deqlan to release the frustration.

Its hard to explain to people who dont understand autism or know Deqlan, but he isnt naughty. He doesnt do things or throw things or get upset without having an absolute valid reason. He doesnt do things because he wants to test us ...they all are a result of an action. Like, a page in his magazine tearing, or if we change the channel of mnet, or if he cant find a photo he is looking for. So we have to handle situations differently, go back to the cause of the problem and change things at that level. For example, a torn page in his beloved car magazine, can be solved with a piece of sticky tap or a scratched dvd can sometimes play again after washing it with sunlight liquid!

We hope he feels lots better for the weekend so he can swim and run around and play with Logan and Keaton! Please do pray for this to pass

P.s - those of you following baby Reef , he is in need of platelets again A+. Doctors are concerned he may have a bleed on the brain - please if you can donate platelets please do so for Reef, he is at Unitas hospital in Centurion. When you go and donate please mention you are doing this for Reef Carneson, thanks and God Bless you for helping this little fighter

Have a great Valentines Day weekend everyone, thank you for all the love you give to Deqlan and to our family! Thank You Lord that You loved us so much You sent Your only son to save us!

God bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan
MARK 5;36


Anonymous said...

Dear sam,Nark, Deqlan,Bev and family
Thinking and praying for Deqlans complete healing.
GOd bless you all
Love Ruthxx

Lacey said...

Hope he feels better soon. tummy bugs are the worst!