Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Deqlan in his Little leaps shirt - still a little big, but he LOVED it so much we let him wear it to school! Look how grown up he looks in this photo!

Deqlan LOVES playing piano, he is even singing the bars - DO RE ME FAR SO LA TI DO!!

Swimming with Dada

Dont know if i have mentioned before about Deqlans liking for Desperate House Wives?

He loves the DVD cover, he loves the ad on tv, he loves watching the start of the programme, each Thursday night at 2030!
We started watching Kai's dvds from Love and Learning and are currently on the alphabet and the sounds and pictures - when A for Apple comes on, and the little girls start enjoying the apple, Deqlan immediately shouts 'WIVES'! It took me while to figure out, that the Desperate Housewives hold apples !!!

So now Deqlan relates the apples to the wives, ha ha ha ha couldnt help but laugh and smile , how sweet and how clever is he?He LOVES these dvds and is glued to them for the entire 20 minutes or so!Deqlan has also saying the words from the dvd like fingers and hug! They are fantastic thanks so much Loren and Kai!!

Deqlan has also started to count on his fingers!!!!!!! When Deqlan swims in the jacuzzi, Nanna and I stand and count with him, showing him the numbers on our fingers , we have done this for many many months and now Deqlan is doing it to!

He also picked up one of his beloved living and loving magazines and said 'BABY SLEEPING' sure enough, the ad at the back was a little baby lying in a camp cot fast asleep!!!!

The other new two words are MNET SERIES! We have managed to also watch a bit of the MNET SERIES chanel , instead of just MNET ! When changing the channel, Deqlan will stand at the Tv saying 101, MNET - 103 , ETC for each chanel!

We also got Deqlan to eat something new which i am thrilled about - spagetthi bolognaise! This means we can sneak vegies into the sauce we cook the mince in - he really loved it last night and we loved watching him enjoy it so much

The 'cooking task' at school today was spreading butter on bread - so i hunted for an alternative as Deqlan cant have butter or margarine or any of the normal spreads! I came up with Tahini - which is made from sesame seeds. It looks a little like peanut butter, tastes a little bit like it to. Deqlan is not to fond of it, yet..., but at least he could partake in spreading it on his piece of gluten free bread today! Ashley, Deqlans teacher, had a taste of the gluten free bread and told me it would be the last time she tried that...shame...

We had to stop the current round of diflucan Deqlan was on, as he was starting to show different symptoms then what we normally see with his candida die off reaction...we want to see a die off reaction cause that tells us its working. This will happen in the form of tantrums, regression, terrible nappies etc - but this time around, Deqlan was lying on the floor on his tummy, which was so bloated, he had so much gas, the worst nappies he has ever had, kicking everything he could lay his feet on, hitting himself in the face, no appetite - even for the food he loved.

Diflucan can affect the liver, so some of these symptoms also show the liver working a bit to hard - so we stopped the diflucan 3 days ago, and Deqlan is much , much better - eating again, happier , better colour - not so much kicking, no more smacking in the face....

We still have to keep a very very close eye on the candida and i am looking into natural ways of getting it under control, such as grape seed extract, but to give it to Deqlan is going to be another story....

He is also picking up every crumb on the floor, ones we dont even see till they on his finger. He also had prestik in his hair from school, another favorite snack if he could get his hands on, thats loaded for gluten! Another tasty treat is the mold on the wall, that stands inthe shade by the tap, probably the worst thing he could have, candida would love to grow in anything that is mould or ferments. We have asked the girls at school to keep an extra close eye on Deqlan and what he tries to eat - the wrong things could cause his candida to flare up again, or him to even regress from the gluten, his body cant cope with
Deqlan had a lovely day at school , great occupational therapy lesson, great swimming lesson, and was very happy to have his nap this afternoon! I think the art project for this week is painting a big size version of me, so excited to see that, I think Deqlan would love doing it to!

Megs and I got to see Ren this morning, who is visiting from the UK! Was lovely as always to catch up with her - Ren and Grant are here for Erleen and Alex's wedding on Valentines day, which we will also be going to. Deqlan will be home with Dada while i go and say congrats !

Got to run for now, hope you all have a super evening, please continue the prayers for Deqlan to continue to be NED forever and always and forever and always and for him to continue thriving at his school that he loves so much, and that we can help him reach his full potential!

God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

Hey my friend. It's fantastic to hear how well Deqlan is coping at school. What else would you expect from such a little champ anyway!!! AND, he loves Desperate Housewives...WELL, we have one thing in common already then, because it's my and Don's absolute favourite programme too. The boy has very good taste. Good luck with getting the Candida under control. Thinking of you daily, and remember, I love and miss you guys more than anything in the world. Hopefully, we will see each other soon. There has been a bit (big) hiccup, and I've been working all week trying to sort it out, but still to no avail. I will e-mail you about the details at some stage when I've got the energy to waste on the ridiculousness of it all. Love you lots. Sam xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark ,Deqlan ,Bev,
Thinking and praying for you all at this time.
Praise the Lord Deqlan is progressing well.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight
Love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Our precious Deqlan,

How very blessed we remain in our lives ! What immense joy and delight it has been to experience with you your entry into Little Leaps. As expected, you have already established yourself as the "star" pupil and you have truly and visibly endeared yourself to all the teachers and staff and children as the beautiful, adorable, precious and extraordinary pre-schooler you are !!!
Our immeasurable love for you and our immense pride in you radiates from every fibre of our being.

Nanna feels very honoured and privileged to be able to take Mamma to fetch you from school most days. As you leave your classroom for the day, Nanna patiently waits at the gate outside (the car running with the air con on !)and then I get my "kisses in the hand" through the gate railings before the gate opens. Oh the joy in my heart ! ON our travels home, we see the DSTV "rainbow" advertisement which delights you and the MNET insignia and we await your never-failing announcement of them, much to our eager anticipation. It has happened twice now (with Nanna) that when we drop Cody and his Mamma off at their house, you calmly proceed to SPELL OUT ALOUD the name of that complex, letter by letter
" C O C O S D A L E". Mamma and Nanna could have got out of the car and did a dance jig in the street, right there and then. What a magnificent moment of revelation and how blessed I am to have witnessed this first hand !!
I love our "pretend sleep" games that you play with me, Mamma and Grandpa whilst we hear your "Beep" DVD in the background and await your announcements of your favourite parts of the show.
Today, when we lay on the bed before your usual afternoon nap,prayers and singing, Nanna saw you pick up Clicks Magazine book and then you proceeded to spell from the logo on the back page,
" C L I C K S". You heard my shouts of joy and pride and then you told me to say "Well Done". I obliged with great delight !!!! At this stage, my amazement has evolved into the undeniable belief that YOU will have the ability to read very very soon, if in fact you CANNOT READ ALREADY !!!! How great is our God who gives us moments in life such as these.

Although our time together every day now is of short duration in the afternoons, it is sacred time, a time which nurtures and feeds my soul and clothes my spirit with joy, gratitude, humility and love. All these treasured memories I will cherish for the rest of my entire life

Nanna and Grandpa are so very proud of you Deqlan and all you have already achieved at Little Leaps. Your extraordinary life story continues in a bright new and exciting chapter. We and the whole world are so indebted to you for all the lessons you have taught and continue to teach us, for the passionate and innocent example of unconditional love you are to us, for being a magnificent testament to God's healing miracles on earth and for strengthening our faith, hope and trust in Him and His promises.

We love you more than words can ever describe. May you go from strength to strength and may you continue to take "Giant Leaps" at Little Leaps. We stand in wonderment at the beautiful unfolding and revealing of your unlimited potential (in your own time and in God’s time) and know that for you, “Little Man of Prayer”, the best is now and the best is yet to be. Be and stay blessed always and thank you for the source of great love, joy and delight you are to us.

We are your loving, devoted and very proud,
Nanna and Grandpa

Lacey said...

Even though Tanner is doing so well, I still notice his autistic tendancies. We went to a meeting ath the junior high school for Mondo, and he didn't want to be there, whined the whole time and wouldn't sit still. It made me crazy!
Desperate housewifes huh? Way to go Deqlan!