Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines weekend

I recived my first Valentine from Deqlan with chocolates, how gorgeous is this?

Deqlan is loving tucking us into bed and now arranging the photos of how he tucks us into bed , then tells me LOGAN SLEEP, MAMMA SLEEP, DADA SLEEP

Megs and Conrad and Khloe in tummy at Erl and Alexs wedding yesterday, what a pretty venue!

Alex and Erleen Gray! What a romatinc day to get married on. Congrats guys, it was a beautiful wedding, you both look so happy and in love, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness, have a stunning honeymoon!

Mel and the gorgeous bridesmaids

Erleen radiating happiness ,just about to walk down the aisle

Alex anxiously waiting Erls arrival, he wore a kilt and looked so smart!

Logan pushing Keaton around in Deqlans car, the poor thing couldnt go fast enough

Deqlans turn, first time he has let Logan push him around in the car, and he loved it!
We really working hard on turning Deqlans play room into a sensory play room - this is Deqlans crash zone, a tent where he can chill out and crash into pillows and roll around in a soft comfy area, he already loves it!

Mark and Keaton enjoying the pool, it was so hot this weekend
Gorgeous Keaton

Keaton and Meggie enjoying spraying Logan wet

Keaton and Logan

Deqlan on one of his new favorite ads- he likes it because he recognises silversand casino from the tv ad, there just happened to be a blond lady in a bikini in the ad.....

Keatie and Ice eating marshmallows
Me? Naughty? Never..

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