Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dear Friends

You remember little Reef that we have asked for prayers for? He went into remission after fighting leukimia this year, but unfortunately got so sick with an infection and is now in DESPERATE need of platelets, it is truly a matter of life or death for this gorgeous little guy.

There is not one bag of A POSITIVE platelets available for Reef- HE DESPERATELY NEEDS THEM. PLEASE, PLEASE can you go and donate platelets if you are a match at any SANBS depot in Gauteng and please tell them the platelets are for Reef Carneson.

As Gill says on the ALL HANDS ON DEC site, Reef has come so far, he has beaten so many odds, we cant let something like this happen, please please everybody and anybody go and donate some platelets for Reef and lets give him the best Christmas present he could ever get,t he gift of life

God Bless, thanks so much, God bless, Love Samm

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