Monday, December 7, 2009

Prayers for Dee for this morning

Hello Everybody

Hope you had a great weekend?

This morning we need to ask you to please pray for a very special person, Dee, Megs and my stepdad and the most amazing Grandpa to Deqlan Keaton and Logan.

Dee has already been admitted to Little Company of Mary at 6am this morning and they are currently preparing him for his spinal op, to take place after 1130am this morning.

I ask you to please pray that Our Lord works His miracles through Dr Gurnells hands, that he does the best possible job, that the anaesthetist has Dee safely in his care, that the doctors and nurses that are going to be looking after him in high care/icu for the first few days and then into a normal ward till Saturday we believe. Please let Dee make a quick recovery, please let the pain be eased, please let him take it easy and be able to cope with the discomfort afterwards, and to be patient as he cant sit for at least 2 weeks after the op. Please pray for all his other vital systems to remain strong and healthy and all the precautions he has had and will have after the op, all lead to him remaining healthy and being on the road to recovery. We pray for no clots or blood pressure issues

I ask you to please pray for my Mom, who is of course, anxious and worried. Please pray that Our Lord fills her heart and mind with His peace and calmness, that Mom continues to be the loyal servant she is, and TRUST AND HAVE FAITH IN HIM, KNOWING THAT OUR LORD ONLY HAS PLANS TO PROSPER DEE, NOT TO HARM HIM, PLANS TO GIVE HIM HOPE A FUTURE.Please pray for Mom to get the rest she needs to help look after Dee ( i couldnt imagine a more amazing nurse for Dee) Please pray that she is safe on the road as she travels very often between home and the hospital, please take all fear and anxiety out of her mind. Please help us to help Mom in all possible ways.

Shall do an update as soon as we hear how it went, hoping to go and see Dee when Mark is home from work

Thanks for all your prayers and support and love, which i know will help Dee make an ever quicker recovery

God Bless,love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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