Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Happy Birthday Little Luke for 10 Dec, hope you had a lovely day, you are so gorgeous!
Dada and Deqlan, check that super model pose!

Keaton jumoed in the car with Devon and Scotty, Ants brothers, he didnt want them to go!

Jason swinging Jade

Deqlan LOVES mud - he played in this puddle for over half and hour the girls also seemed to enjoy gettin dirty- it had rained so hard the night before the party that there were lots of puddles and lots of mud and those of you wondering if this white t shirt came clean, it miraculous did

mmmm, chocolate mud flavour water- it was so hot Deqlan knew how to cool down!

Pure joy lying on the grass staring at the clouds

Loves for Riley- told you Deqlan is a ladies man!

Kai enjoying Deqlans gorgeous gift from Father Christmas, all the kids loved this musical croc!

Ant playing with his gorgeous brothers, so sweet and well behaved! They to were covered in mud by the time they left!

The gorgeous Jarren, he had an awesome time running around! Hope your finger is better Jarren!

Abby playing with her gift from Father Christmas!

Deqlan getting his presie, he was the only one to try and lift Father Christmas' beard to see who it really was, it really was Father Christmas!

Deqlan getting his gift, he really got so excited when Father Christmas arrived

Hannah in the pink waiting for her turn

Wow wee!!!

Logan and Caliegh getting their gifts

Mel taking Ciara for her gift from Father Christmas

Georgia and Jade patiently waiting their turn!

Keaton doesnt like Father Christmas, but he loved his gift

Natalia posing for her very first pic with Father Christmas, i must tell you this must be the best Father Christmas we have ever had, thank you Pooh Bear!

Little Josh, so beautiful, he is growing so quickly!

Even Kids from other parties wanted to join our party!

Cole and Natalia...love at first sight?

Gorgeous Ciara checking everything out

The always gorgeous Cole

Brand new baby Peyton, to beautiful for words

Keaton, Megs and Reece and T

Kars, Claire and Nats catching up
See saw

Little Ethan enjoying the picnic!

Caden enjoying the picnic to!

leigh & Natalia, Elriza and Caden,Loren and Kai

Heidi , James, Michael, Heidis Mom, Christelle and Jordan and Euan, wow how they have grown!

Deqlan and the see saw with Devon and Scotty

Mud mud everywhere, how wonderful!

We decided to do something a little different this year to celebrate Christmas with our friends and little ones- we have been blessed with lots of new little ones and blessed with lots of stories of hope and health and survival in Our Circle of friends, old friendships that were rekindled, worries forgotten, and new journies to look forward to, that it truly was a day of blessings to be all together to celebrate Christmas.

We met at The Rooihuiskraal terrein and the kids enjoyed the jungle gyms, mud, lots of it, the animals and each other

We had our very own Father Christmas who did a sterling , sterling job, the kids adored him, i really think you could look at going into the full time Pooh bear!

It was lovely to catch up with everyone, to see how big all the kids have grown, to just enjoy the day together thanking God for his gifts of friendship ,our children and all the lessons we have learnt through out 2009.

I would definitely recommend we make this an anual celebration and yes, everyone is invited!

ENjoy the photos as much as i enjoyed taking them and taking in every second of the day!

God Bless lots of love Samm

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Loren Stow said...

We had such a good time! Thank you so much Samm and Megan for organising such a special Christmas get together for the children!