Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Leaps 2010

We had a lovely meeting on Thursday with Ashely, the principal of Little Leaps, Anneke the Occupational therapist and Danita the speach therapist. Ash told us that she would be Deqlans teacher next year, taking the penguin class again! Hooray, we are so thrilled about this ! Isnt it so cute that Deqlan is going to be in the penguin class? He LOVES Happy Feet and penguins so we hope this will also be a great motivation for him.

Ash took Mark and I around the school showing us the classrooms, eating areas, play areas, Ot and St rooms etc. Deqlan was quite happy to come and check everything out with us. The kids where sleeping when we were there, so Deqlan thought it would be a nice gesture to run into the classroom, where they were sleeping and hugs the kids good night!

Ash was very please to see the progress Deqlan has made since the last she saw him, and Danita the Speach Therapist couldnt believe how verbal Deqlan is and how many words he can already say. So all round, i would say we are going to be off to a great positive start.

The one thing i have to brace and prepare myself for is the first day saying good bye to Deqlan as he starts his very first day of school. Ash says its better not to drag things out, but to drop Deqlan and say good bye, Mama will see you later, so that he knows from day one, that when we drop him off at Little Leaps, we say goodbye and we come back to fetch him later. If i hang around the first day, because Deqlan is upset, he will learn to be upset everyday cause thats how he will get me to stay. Ash also says they start the school year as they want to finish it, so from day one, Deqlan will be shown where to hang his school bag, where his locker is, where his chair is, to go and take his snacks at at snack time etc.

We will let Deqlan eat breakfast & lunch at home to minimise the risk of him eating something he isnt aloud as most of the kids are not on the same gluten casein sugar soya yeast free diet, as Deqlan is. We are also concerned Deqlan might see something that looks delicious and go for it, but Ash says they are used to grabbers and will prevent him from eaiting something he cant. Thats are biggest concern 10 months of such hard work with his diet, such progress and reward - one bite of something he cant have could cause Deqlan to regress or his candida to start all over again.

So its t minus 1 month and counting, 13 Jan 2010, penguin class here Deqlan comes!

I am excited, i am delighted, i feel so blessed, that Deqlan is healthy and well and here to go to his first day of preschool. But i am also scared, that Deqlan is not going to know where he is, who he can go to when he needs something, like Ash says, no one knows Deqlan like we do, but no one knows Autism like they do, so we got to give it time, help Deqlan to get into the new routine, and then watch him thrive and learn and enjoy and have fun and just be him!

We also saw Liezl, the lovely therapist that put our home programme into place, on Thursday and she to was very happy at Deqlans progress. I have made a list for Little Leaps on the things Deqlan loves and hates and important things we need to let them know, and Liezl actually read my mind and created a file where we can put pictures and information and words he can say , things he doesnt like etc, so thats what i will be doing the holidays, getting that file ship shape as much information as i can to get the school to know Deqlan and how to best help him when he cant explain the things he wants or needs, or whats upsetting him. But I know he will be in good hands. Ash has so much experience, she has such a passion to help our kids ,the school is based on lovely Christian values, she has such understanding and love - you can see it in the kids she has at the school already.

Deqlan still has the rash from his allergic reaction on his hands, his back and chest also covered in a very fine rash now, but we think that could be from the antibiotics - amazing how sensitive Deqlans little body is. We will start diflucan again today, to wipe out any candida, especially since they have had a chance to grow now with the antibiotic!

Have a lovely day, God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Lisa Reid said...

the first day of school is more difficult for mommy im sure of it so just keep busy, hope u feeling better xx

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