Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dee is doing great

Morning All

Firstly thank you so much to you all for the calls and emails and messages for Dee, we are blessed to have so many people who care about our family, thank you
Great News, Dee has already been moved from ICU to normal ward, most pipes off and out, except drainage pipes. The physio will start working with him today and he will have a soft brace for a while. He is i great spirits and not moaning of any pain, at the moment and we continue to trust and pray he will make a great recovery

God has already given me my Christmas gifts, my families health


Hi all. I went to see Lydia last night cos I found out they had been transferred to hospital here in joburg and
Reef is under the care of probably the best intensive care doctor in the country – Dr Bartlett at the Garden City Clinic. I did not get to see the little chap, but saw pics of him on his mommys phone and he is stable and they will know today if the infection is clearing. Dr was certain beyond doubt that his port was causing the trouble and they have put a temp port in his groin which is just for now and will be removed at discharge. The troublesome port was removed. In future for meds, Reef will get a drip and will get the needle which is ouch, but far less risky than a port which causes trouble. Prayers for today for the infection markers to come down. Lydia and Ryan looked ok last night. They were having dinner with Lydias parents and Ryans parents were leaving as I got there.
They have a room at the hospital just round the corner from their pumpkin and so are very very close by. Ryan is getting a lot of pressure from work, so pray for him on that, cos he wants to be with Reef and not leave there.. !!! Lydia was full of smiles. Reef will now be in isolation until all clear. His skin is all blotchy again from graft vs host disease which he may continue to get on and off all his life, but hopefully not.

Thank you all and please continue the prayers
Love Samm and family

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,masrk,Deqlan andbev,
Thinking and praying for Dee health that he will be able to return to good health soon.
Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straightl
LOts of love to you all and prayers
Ruth xxx