Monday, December 7, 2009


Logs and me watching the Jonas brothers 3rd experience!
Dad and Logan - still half asleep!
Logan on her skateboard from Granny and Grandpa
Logs opening her presents and Deqlan getting on the table to do the birthday dance, unfortunately camera was to slow!
Deqlan giving Loggie her birthday hug!
We had a camp rock/Jonas brothers pool party for Logs yesterday with her two little friends , Caleigh and Riley and Aaliyah and Keaton and Deqlan
The Jonas brothers cupcakes Mark designed for Logan

Logan and Caleigh having a ball!
Logan, the mermaid, she must have been in the pool for at least 6 hours!
me and Loggie

Riley enjoying the slip n slipe Bev and Uncle Derek got Logan
Charles and Logan
Logan giving Conrad a big hug!
Bev, Logs, Meggie and Dee
Caroline.Logan and Gaynor
A nice hug for Tania
Aaliyah and Logs
granny and Logan
The girls helping Logan open her gifts

To Our Beautiful and precious Logan

Happy 8th Birthday big girl! We wish you a very Happy and wonderful Birthday for today and only the very best in the year to come! May all your wishes and dreams come true!
Stay the gorgeous , eager to learn, soft hearted, loving, caring, giving, sweet, beautiful daughter and sister you are!
Always know how much we love and treasure you and always know how proud we are of you!

Thank you for being so kind and gentle and understanding with Deqlan - you see Loggie, i told you one day he would love you back , and this morning you continue to recieve the beautiful hugs and holding hands Deqlan loves to give you, he loves you so much Logan, it is such a precious site to see the two of you together, thank you for being such a wonderful big sister!

Always stay the beautiful spirit you are, never change who you are for anyone! Its an honor watching you grow up and watching you learn and becoming a gorgeous young lady

We are so proud of you, know that Dad and Deqlan and I are here for you always!

We love you Logs and may Jesus continue to take such good care of you, He is also so proud of you , as he see's you trying so hard to learn so much about Him!

Happy Birthday big girl! We love you!

Dad, Samm & Deqlan


Lacey said...

Happy Happy Birthday Logan!!! What a beautiful post and a great party.

rhenda Elsayed said...

Happy 8th Birthday Logan!!...may all your dreams and wishes come true,what nice pictures.May your family continue to be blessed with happiness and health.take care Samm and keep in touch,I will always be greatful for you and your family's prayers for ALi...God bless you all!