Monday, December 7, 2009


Dear All

Please can you say lots of prayers for little Reef - he was declared to be in remission from his leukimia just last week, but is now dangerously ill , back in Unitas, please see prayer request from Kim:

Hi all. Please say URGENT prayers for Reef. He was admitted to hospital last night with an infection and he is very very sick, and when I called the hospital this morning, I was told that they had almost lost Reef at around 6am, but the little fighter pulled through and is hanging in there. His doctor is on leave which is not such a good thing. Please God give Reef the strength to get through this after all he has already come through. And God, please be with his mom and dad to keep their chins up.

And please all say a prayer for my cousin Clare in PE who lost her son Nicholas yesterday after his very long brave fight. This is Clares’ second child, and she has had them both taken from her. I have no words to say to her at this time.

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