Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank You Lord

Dear Lord,

We continue to thank You each day for the miracles You have performed in Deqlans life and in ours. It was exactly 1 year ago today, that i watched the last drop of vincristine, leave the container it was in, and travel down into Deqlans port - the last drop to wipe out any possible remaining nb cells. Today we celebrate, we are grateful beyond explanation and we thank You for Deqlan remaining NED and for all the love he brings to our lives.

Meggy also used to tell me that the 'magic water' was Your Holy spirit flowing into Deqlan and i imagined it coming into contact with this beast we called neuroblastoma, the same way the witch in the wizard of oz, was destroyed and anialated when she get wet -she screamed and disapeared into nothing.

I pray Dear Lord that Deqlans body remains free from cancer, illness and any harm forever and ever and ever. Please bless, protect, heal, keep clear every single blood cell, vein, artery, muscle, organ, bone, bone marrow and every hair on Deqlans head. Please let Deqlan remain NED forever and ever

We ask you Dear Lord Jesus to lead us to the cure , help our friends fighting nb and other cancers, please put your healing miraclous powers on them all.

We love , thank , worship and glorify you for 1 year where there has been no need for chemo, and we pray this continues always.

In your holy name

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Nanna and Grandpa said...

Our precious, beautiful Deqlan,

Our prayers are joined and doubled up with those of your beautiful Mamma and Dadda in giving acknowledgement and thanks to God. Thank You, gracious Healing Saviour Jesus for ALL the blessings in our lives, but especially for this very special little warrior, Deqlan Ross, who continues to teach and tutor us every day of our lives and on so many different levels.

I remember the day so vividly, how we all felt the extraordinary feeling of victory, with God as the leader of our team. We had a peculiar sense of "excitement" from the day before, whilst driving to LCM on the day, to our visit to the nun's chapel, prior to going to the OPD area, for your very last chemotherapy treatment, knowing that you had reached, in such a deserved, blessed, dignified and inspirational manner, and had victoriously passed the "finish line" as the port was flushed after infusion. I remember Mamma and Dadda's faces, and the unforgettable smile we shared when we all stepped outside the unit afterwards..... no words were necessary..... and later, only the action to fall on our knees and give our Healing Lord all the glory and praise.

Samm, my precious daughter, your strength, hope and faith is a true blessing and joy for me to witness, I am humbled beyond words. I am so very proud of you, and feel so blessed to be your mother. Never forget how much I love and treasure you. You are such an extraordinary mother to adorable Deqlan. Together with the sacred miracles of our Lord and the many prayers from "Deqlan's army", your own unconditional love, non-negotiable management approaches, iron-clad determination, calculated perseverence and impassioned reverance for always wanting what is best for your son,has served to ensure his victory on every level, and is that which will ensure continued victory, even in Deqlan's latest challenge !

Our fervent prayer to our Great God is that Deqlan remains NED for all eternity. Jesus, place Your Healing Hands over Deqlan's body, mind and spirit and Holy Spirit fill him with blessings as only You can.

To Mamma Samm and Dadda Mark, may God hold you both firmly in the palms of His hands and always look unto Him for your strength, faith, comfort, compassion, mercy, hope and love. Only HE can provide you with the intuition, wisdom and guidance that is perfect in every way.

With all our love,

Nanna and Grandpa

Mom, Bev and Dee.