Friday, October 10, 2008

Prayers for Jayden

I was so heartsore to hear this morning that Jayden Pretorius is very sick at the moment, his neuroblastoma has rapidly progressed and we believe he is now at home. We first met Jayden about a year and a half ago, where Reach for a Dream made his dream a reality - he wanted to record a song for his mom, DANCE WITH MY MOTHER AGAIN - a cover from Luther Van Dross Dance with my Father again.

Megs and I where so excited to go and see him sing and meet him after hearing so much about it. We sat listening to Jayden sing and the tears just rolled down our faces.

I went afterwards to say hi to his Dad and to meet Jayden , i told him that he was an inspiration and that we were so proud of him.

Jayden went to grade 1 this year - he actually lived a very full and active life , doing boys things, participating in school, meeting singers that he admired ....

He was featured in many newspapers as such a special little boy with a huge smile and gentle spirit, and we continued to follow his story and he remained in our prayers to. Unfortunately some of the articles written did not give factual information about what neuroblatoma really is. One said it was cancer of the brain, this latest article says its cancer of the bone marrow - we actually called the newspaper to inform them that it is actually a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system, and since it gets such little exposure we have to set the facts straight.

My Mom found an article in our local newspaper last night which says that Jayden's little body is full of nb now and he has been sent home to be with his family.

His parents have asked for everyone to pray for Jayden and for his family


Please Dear Lord Jesus lead us to the cure, please ease the pain these courageous warriors are going through, please lead and inspire their doctors - please help us save our children

In your holy name

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sam ,mark Deqlan and bev,
praying for you all.
praying for jayden and family ,that they will no the peace of God at this difficult time and that jesus will put his healing hhand on Jayden they way He did it for Deqlan.
Praying for you all .
lots of love Ruth xxx