Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello Deqlans Army
I know i dont have to tell you all how tough our little soldier is ...he is the bravest person i know!

The vaccines went very very well,and we had two nurses helping yesterday - the one armed with Chicken pox , the other with prevenar.Deqlan sat on my lap they counted together and gave a shot in each arm at the same time- Deqlan moaned a bit, more because i was holding him still - he got off my lap and that was that - we are vaccinated against chicken pox and some of the pneumococcal infections that can affect ear infections, pneumonia and meningitis! Hooray! Some more soldiers to help our soldiers body continue keeping the bad guys out and the good guys in! Our next cocktail shall be hepatitis a and perhaps another measles but only a few months away.Thank you Nanna and Grandpa for coming with us, for holding Deqlan and my hand and for always being there for us, no matter what, we love you our guardian angels, more then you will know

Deqlan fell asleep in the car on the way home, round 6pm and only woke up at 0730am this morning!!! Definitely a record, although he was restless during the night and played a bit with Dad at 5am this morning, he got the much needed sleep he was after.

No fevers, no reactions yet, and we pray and trust it will continue this way!

We are going to have the ultrasound next Friday, along with the blood and urine tests for our routine 3 month check up - when we do the blood test we are going to do a teeter test (forgive me for spelling not quite sure if i have this one right) - this will tell us what Deqlan has immunity for and what we still need to give him.

I had a little get together with Esedra, Deqlans speech therapist yesterday and they have given us some great suggestions for the next steps in Deqlans therapy- we have lots to think about and talk about and decide on, but we are so excited to get Deqlan into a little play group a few times a week to start him getting used to kids and watch this space for all the details! We are also going to start our spech and occupational therapy again, but sadly, we are going to try a new specch therapsit Martie, who will have a stricter approach - who knows ,maybe something different will be ignited? We will miss you terribly Esedra, please please stay in touch!

We have also found the most stunning school called Little Leaps, which specialises in kids on the spectrum. Whats even more wonderful is the lady that runs it happens to have gone to high school with me! Ashley is so knowledgabe on the subject and has years of experience from the UK to - she is so passionate about what she does and has already helped me a whole lot! The school takes kids from 3- 7 - so its like a bridging school for primary school, be it main stream or a specialised school like Unica...only time will tell where our precious soldier will fit best into.
Got the disc from Loren yesterday with the rest of the pics from our shoot, and they are breathtaking i think - so enjoy them as much as we did! Thank you so much my love for the most stunning birthday present i could ever imagine , i will treasure our memories always

Enjoy Halloween to those who are trick or treating tonight look so forward to checking all your sites to see the costumes!
God Bless, thanks for all your prayers, have a super weekend, all our love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


Anonymous said...

My friend, the photo's are AMAZING! Loren has captured your closeness as a family, your friendship with deqlan, and Deqan's spirit perfectly. I just want to reach into each pic and hold you all as tight as I possibly can!!! Glad to hear that Deqlan was such a champ with his injections! But then, who would expect anything less from such a courageous little man...

Love and miss you moore than words can say xxxxx

Sam xxx

Debbie said...

What beautiful photy really are beautifos...theul. I really am jealous as i would do anything to be able to come take some pics with Loren!!!! Have taken some here but still waiting for them and dont think they going to be close to anything we would have taken with Loren.....

Hope you have a wonderfful weekend and enjoy the summer. We had a nice halloween just was a little to cold to take kids out so we had fun at home. I am sick so did not want to go out!!!! Jayden was batman and hannah had a little devil suit on!!! ! So cute!!!! Jayden did not like the scary costumes and was not inpressed with the pumpkin one so batman it was!!!!!

Have fun and big hug to MR BRAVE!!!!!

The photos are really stunning cant chose a fav as they all gorgeous but i do like the close up of your face and deqlans.....your hair is looking stunning...i want to grow mine again!!!!!

The Bennimans

Ferreira Family said...

The photo's are absolutely breathtakikng. I want to get Loren to take photo's of us again.

Deqlan is gorgeous, he has the most amazing smile!

Well done Brave Soldier, you are the bravest little man that we know.

Love us.