Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas Help for CHOC Kids!

Hello dear Family and Friends,

Our friends at Choc have approached us again to see if we could maybe help them with a few Christmas presents for the Choc Children of Pretoria!

How this works is that they give me a list of specific kids with their age, gender and likes and you buy that specific child a Christmas gift which they will get from Father Christmas at this years Choc Christmas Function.So that no child feels left out or one gets a bigger present than the next, the bugdet is R100-00 per gift, so you can buy that child what he requests or a present that you choose as long as it does not go over R100-00.I know times are hard so please dont feel obligated to donate if you cant!

Once I have the names of those of you that would like to sponsor a gift I will update Choc and they will send me a list of names that we can help and I will then send you the childs name and age ect...You dont have to wrap the present - but feel free to if you want with the childs name and I can collect the present or you could drop it off at me but please not that I am not going to accept ANY cash - only gifts......Thanks so much again my family and friends for all your help and I hope that together we can get at least 10 presents for these kids.....If you want to contact me you can either leave a comment on my blog or email me at

God bless and Thank you in advance for your help!Megs, Samm, Bev and the boys......

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Ferreira Family said...

Hello There,

Count us n for the christmas presents.

Just let me know.

Lots of love & hugs to you all.

Love US