Wednesday, October 8, 2008

our water baby

Hello Deqlans Prayer Army!
How are you all doing? We are all doing great and enjoying the wonderful summer sushine filled days
We had a great weekend, just being at home! We had a braai on Saturday with Conrad and Meggie and Keaton, Kevin and Louise, Mom popped around to have a koeksister to celebrate Keatons first tooth and Tyler and Gaynor came around in the evening to say hi.
The boys had a blast in the water - Deqlan would live, sleep , drink, eat, play water if we just let him! It was wonderful to watch and i have said it numerous times over the past few days - this is all i ever wanted when picturing how to bring Deqlan up - watching him ran around in a costume, playing in the mud and water, just being and having fun, while sitting with the most amazing family and friends i could have been blessed with.
Deqlan went from the little splash pool, to the dogs bowls, to the hosepipe, to the cats bowl, to the bird fountain, to the hosepipe, then to the sand and so we carried on the entire day - it was wonderful, and i continue to count my blessings from my God above every moment.
Poor little Keaton beaton was not such a happy camper- his first tooth arrived on Saturday! Congrats smiley boy! We are so proud of you and know what hard work it is to be 8 months old, never mind teething to! Poor Meggie and Conrad had Keaton at Unitas early hours of Saturday morning as his temp was 39.4! Poor little thing, it breaks my heart to see you in pain Keaton, praying each tooth gets a little better and easier to cut!
Was nice to catch up with Kevin and Louise to on all their travelling plans, exciting stuff and we wish you guys all the best and the right paths to open for you!
Sunday was another lovely day - we spent most of it outside! Dada braved the some what still cold water of our splash pool and Mr Deqlan wanted to join - so my two boys had a fabulous time splishing and splashing, and it was definitely a fight to get Deqlan out! We had a little nap then went to get some frozen yoghurt. When we came back we let Deqlan play in the road outside our house , and it seemed to be the gathering spot at that moment, with other families walking their kids in prams and pushing their bikes. Deqlan was fascinated by a friend on his bicycle and loved watching the wheels go round and round...soon soon my boy , you will be on your own bike!
This week continue to be very busy on the work front, and challenging at times, but got to just hang in there, things do get very busy towards the end of the year with everyone trying to get there last minute travel in before they go on leave.
Deqlan has had 2 great food days - finishing his breakfast, even eating a whole bowl of cereal - which he hasnt eaten in about 3 months! He has had great helpings of fish , and enjoyed some chips and rosti. Today - the menue wasnt to apetising for our soldier, but at least he had a yoghurt , which he also hasnt eaten in about 2 months! So we will carry on trying! So proud of you my boy!
Meggie has come down with the flu , luckily got onto antibiotics quickly and seems to be on the mend!
Scanxiety - a phrase a found from another nb warriors site, is starting to peek his head again - we have less then 1 month to go before we go for our next 3 monthly sonar and blood and urine test on 7 Nov - then see Dr De Jager for the results 21 Nov - i continue to pray and trust in Our Lord that the results will continue to show Deqlan remains NED - this will be the best 30th Birthday present for me, i could ever hope, dream, ask or pray for - its all i need , my baby boys health!
I wanted to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone who has responded to our CHOC Christmas gift request - we are blown away by the response , as always, and feel so humbled to have such amazing friends and family and people we havent even met you, came to the aid of these special , courageous , loving kids , THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS and we will be sending out the details of the kids to you each as soon as we recieve the list from CHOC
Please can i ask you for some more prayers for our friends Yolandie and Ruan- they are still in hospital post stem cell transplant. Ruan was not making bone marrow and needing platelets almost daily - they have now found out that it is due to a virus that was in the stem cell donor cells, which they are treating - please pray the treatment works and Ruan can start making his own cells again. Yolandie has also come down with flu, so had to leave the hospital for a while so not to infect Ruan and his very fragile immune system.
Please also pray for a miracle for another nb warrior, Brody -
Have a great week, thank you for continuing to follow Deqlan's journey and most of all for your prayers - please never ever stop praying for our boy - please never ever stop praying for the warriors fighting neuroblastoma and other cancers....please raise awareness, please support our cause, please do whatever you can to help us find that cure!
God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


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