Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Dina and Evelyn!

Dear Evelyn,
Happy 1st Birthday Evelyn! We hope you have a magical day full of love and joy and laughter and Blessings! Stay the great sister you are to Will! We cant wait to see your 1st Birthday photos! You are to gorgeous and we continue to follow you growing up as eagerly as we follow Will's fight against NB!
Dear Dina,
A very happy Birthday to you to! Wow- to share a birthday with your daughter Evelyn, is something so very special ! We hope you get spoilt rotten today in blessings, that you can put your feet up and enjoy your beautiful kids Evelyn and Will! You are an inpsiration as a Mom and you deserve a bow today and every day! Have a lovely day!
God Bless and love to you both
Mark, Samm, Deqlan , Logan
Derek, Bev
Conrad, Megs and Keaton

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