Monday, October 27, 2008

Our photo shoot with Loren

Well, here is the big surprise! We had a photo shoot done with my amazing friend Loren, at Irene Farm on Saturday to mark 1 year since last chemo, and it was a birthday present from my wonderful husband work - i just love them and cant wait to get the disc to see them all! Shall post more soon! Deqlan had a great time in the leaves, being swooshed around in the water, , discovering stones and rocks and water and leaves and trees and all things boys love! Please visit Loren's site - she is amazing and we all agree that photos and memories captured by Loren are priceless!
I think this would make a lovely Christmas gift, contact Loren should you be interested in her beautiful style of telling stories! Thank you Loren, it was a magical morning, i will treasure always
God Bless , love from us all!


heidi james & hannah said...

Hi Samm,
The photo's are stunning, you are a beautiful family and Deqlan is a very cute little boy! xxx

Nanna and Grandpa said...

Our Precious Darling Samm, Mark and Deqlan,

These photos are exquisite and have genuinely captured the essence of you as the most special, extraordinary and inspirational family that you are.

Love, in its purest form is the emotion which overpowers the viewer. Love for each other, so obvious in the eyes of an adored son and his two loving parents. Breathtaking emotions made so clearly visible.
Pure innocence seems to vibrate from the visual images, so much so one wants to reach out and touch those hands, that face, ......feel the leaves and breathe in the summer air which permeated the shoot.

The photos in themselves are testimony to Loren Stow's talent for capturing "the moment", the here, the now, the fleeting but unforgettable moments in time.

Mark, what a beautiful birthday gift from you is this photo shoot (for Samm's 30th in two weeks' time) A superb idea and a real celebration of your victory, the exuberance of life, all its hopes and promises for a glorious future.

Samm, for you, cherished and wonderful moments, now not only captured in your heart, mind and "book of memory" but also on disk for all time.... done on a very special day, for a very special reason, for a very special wife and mother. You radiate such grace, dignity and quiet, impeccable strength, and your expressions reflect the promises, hope, faith and love for all your tomorrows for your son, for yourself, for your husband, for your family.

Deqlan, these photos honestly and realistically reflect what a truly beautiful little boy you are, from the top of your magnificent golden haired head to the tips of those cute, tiny toes we love to kiss so much, to the warmth, abundant affection, love and cuteness that just oozes from the inside ....... an adorable toddler, unique, with an energetic and exciting zest for living and exploring and you are our special, special cherished hero. We are privileged and honoured every day ....... we get to hug, kiss, tickle, hold, laugh with, play with, dance with, rest with, jacuzzi with, drive with, eat with, even sometimes cry with ... the REAL, INIMITABLE HERO, DEQLAN ROSS.

May these photos forever remind you all of just how far you have come, how much you have conquered and how gloriously victorious you are in your celebration.

We love you so very dearly and are honoured to be your parents, in-laws and grandparents.

Once again, well done Loren.

All our love,

Mom/Bev and Dee

Nanna and Grandpa

Caden Paul said...

Very very nice, I think she captured Deqlan's essence beautifully!

Lots of Love
Elriza & Caden

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Absolutely Magnificent! I think Loren's best to date! How special that you were Loren's first photo shoot ever and now 2 years down the line she has captured these precious moments once again! I can only echo moms words to you Samm, these photos are so real, so pure, so angelic, so magical, so stunning, so beautiful and oh so Deqlan Ross Higgins!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. The photo's are absolutely stunning. Deqlan is too gorgeous for words! Samm, what a special gift for your 30th! Seeing the photo's makes me want to climb on a plane and rush over and hug and squeeze all three of you until we all pop!

Love and miss you all dearly
Sam xxxx (and family xxx)

JennBoBo said...

Beautiful photos! They are absolutely stunning. I can't wait to get ours done in November. :)

Jenn & Adrian

Loren Stow said...

Hi Samm!
Thank you so much for the wonderful words on my pictures. It is easy when I work with such wonderful models! Children at Deqlan's age don't lie, they don't pretend and they don't 'pose' for the camera - that is what makes the pictures so wonderful - they reflect him, in his natural way... perfect and uncomplicated.
Thank you for choosing me again and again to take pictures for you!