Monday, June 23, 2008


We had a great Birthday Sunday for Mark and we are assured he did to! We started off the day with some breakfast, that i bravely attempted to make, i didnt do to bad, except for the bacon not being cooked properly, but hey i tried! Mark is normally the chef in our house , but it was his Birthday so i had to try and do something to impress him! Deqlan even sat at the table to enjoy some french toast and juice to celebrate with Dada. Dada enjoyed opening his presents and was surprised to see the portrait i had done of Deqlan for the special occasion - the artist, Hetta is fantastic and also did one of Keaton for Conrad and Megs. I have a feeling we are going to keep her very busy!
Mark decided to wash his car, i though he was crazy to do this on his Birthday and in the cold weather and Deqlan and i wandered down the drive way, where Deqlan decided to enjoy some more mud to finish his breakfast off! Some may be thinking how i could take the photo of him doing it instead of picking him up and wisking him away , but i so enjoy seeing Deqlan doing normal kids stuff and getting dirty and being a real little boy!

We then went off to Hugos to celebrate Sophie's 60th Birthday! It was wonderful! Our soldier fell asleep in the car, but soon woke up after we arrived at the restaurant . He was delighted to look at the window and see a jumping castle! Hooray! He of course immediately wanted to go and check it out and we decided to go before any other kids could claim the castle! After jumping a bit and sliding down the slide it was time to discover the rest of the restaurant - this place is huge and a perfect kiddies place! There is loads of space to run around in, Deqlans favorite thing to do, there is a pool, had to dodge that one, guinea pigs and the most beautiful birds! We had the most delicous food and all sang Happy Birthday to the lady of the moment, Sophie! We hope you had a wonderful afternoon Sophie and the best Birthday ever, but we shall wish you properly on the 28th! Thank you for having us and for all the effort you went to - Megs and Conrad you did a fantastic job at making the day extra special - everything was lovely!
We then came home and all had a little afternoon nap - so all in all a very memorable day for the birthday girl and guy!
Back to Saturday...Mark and I went to Mike and Sandi, Mark's sister and brother in laws farewell on Saturday afternoon, so i didnt make church, but Nanna and Meggie were thrilled to tell me they were asked to carry the holy communion to the alter - what an honor!
Nanna also returned home with the travelling Hail Mary for this week - its a beautiful statue of Mother Mary , which is currently travelling through homes in our church - She is beautiful and wonderful to look at and pray to.
Need to ask you all to please say some urgent prayers for our friends, Louise , Roelof, Jessica and family - please pray for their twin boys born last week,at only 28 weeks, Dyllan is stable, but it is thought that Joshua has bleeding on his brain - please pray for a miracle and for the boys to continue to grow and get stronger each day and for peace, comfort and guidance for Louise and Roelof and their families
Please continue to pray for our soldier Deqlan to remain NED and please pray for all our friends fighting nb and other cancers, from around the world
Have a great week, let us know how you are
God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


Anonymous said...


Your birthday is also the perfect opportunity to THANK YOU for being a wonderful, loving, supportive husband, and an exemplary pillar of strength, love, faith and hope to our precious Samm, especially throughout the past year. She is blessed.

THANK YOU for being a wonderful, amazing, loving and devoted father to our precious Deqlan during all his trials and challenges. He is blessed.

The past year has been extremely tough for you, but just one of the many experiences that are vivid in my memory are as follows: I remember only too well the 5 (yes FIVE) times that you were required to take Deqlan to the theatre before his biopsies x 1, surgeries x 3, bone marrow aspirations x 2 and "hand him over" into the care of the theatre sisters, surgeon and pathologist. This you did, without question, without hesitation BUT with great faith, trust and hope in your God, and with courage, strength and an undeniable,unsurpassable and indescribable love for your beautiful son. You are his hero, deservedly so, darling Mark, & you are his "idol", it's plain to see how much he adores you. It's a privilege to watch you interact with him, and he with you. These are truly priceless moments and examples of the ones which I will commit to my "book of memory" to cherish well into my old age. YOU HAVE BEEN, ARE, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE, BLESSED.

YES, YOU ARE PRECIOUS TO US AND WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. WE admire and respect you and never ever doubt the fact that you are a treasured and cherished member of our family.

God bless you always so that you can continue to be a blessing to others.

All our love,

Dee and Bev

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark Sam and Deqlan and family.
Pleased Mark had a good birthday.
We continue to pray for Deqlan and all the family.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart in aall your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight.
Love to you all Ruth xxx