Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

I am so sorry for the late wishes, but we had such a busy weekend and when i got down to doing the entry and posting it - i lost it!!!!!
So here goes - Happy Fathers day to all the Dads in our lives, especially to those who's angels are wishing them from heaven.
To our Heavenly Father, Savior and King , Father to us all- Happy Father's Day to you our Lord, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us , thank you for all the love and care and healing you continue to shower upon Deqlan and our family. Thank You for your comfort, your guidance , your divine healing, your love, the rest you give us and the strength you continue to flow through us. We worship, honor and praise You Dear Lord today and always. It was an honor to start Fathers day in Your House, we love and worship and thank you Dear Lord.
Mark, My love, Dada to Deqlan Ross and Logan Marcelle- Happy Fathers day to the best Dada in the world! Wow, we chose very well! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us - for working so hard , to make our lives easier, for sacrificing so that we may have everything we need and more. Thank you for taking such good care of us, the lessons you teach us, the love you shower upon us, for being our hero, provider, nurturer, friend.
FROM LOGAN: Even though i dont get to see you all that often Dad, know that I love you and i am very proud of you , and look forward to seeing you next year on Fathers day, i love you so very much. I miss you , but think of you all the time and cant wait to come and stay by you again!
FROM DEQLAN - Dada, I love it when you come home, i love hanging by head around the corner and looking down the stairs, hearing your keys open the door and your voice as you excitedly say hello to me! I love driving with you in the car. I love watching my dvd's with you. I love walking with you and holding your hand as we run down the drive way to watch the cars. I love it when you pick me up into your big strong arms and let me change the dvd's over and over and over again! I love it when you dance with me to clamber club. I love it when you and I spend time together when Mama goes to church and we get up to naughty tricks, wouldn't mama love to know! I love how you look after Mama and I and how caring and loving you are to our doggies and cat. I just love you and i look forward to each moment, each memory , each milestone that we reach together, Happy Fathers Day Dada, i love you so very very much, you are the best!
Dearest Dee, father to Debbie and Andrew, grandfather to Chenya, Damian , Jared and Darren, Keaton , Deqlan and Logan and Stepfather to Samm & Megs
Dee, you are amazing, and there are not enough times I could thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us - there is nothing to big, to difficult, to time consuming to ANYTHING when it comes to all of us - you always go out of your way to do whatever you can to help, to guide, to nurture, to protect , to love. You have been such a pillar of strength the past year, you have made things as easy as possible for us - from running our travel agency, to driving around to find bread with a nice hard crust for your boo boo boy - nothing is to much for you - know that we are so grateful for all you have done for us, and pray God continues to bless you and you continue to be a blessing to others, we love you so very much!
Grandpa - Father to Ken and Bev, Grandfather to Samm and Meggie, Kejenne and Jeran Great grandfather to Deqlan, Keaton & Logan you are the roots of our family tree. You are an amazing egsample to us, especially by holding the torch of faith so high and by guiding us in all we do. You are the most, amazing , caring, loving husband to our Nan, and we love, honor, cherish and respect you, we are so honored to have both our grandparents and great grandparents! May God continue to bless, protect and keep you safe in His loving arms always, we love you!
Conrad - Father to Keaton, Godfather to Deqlan! A very Happy first Fathers Day to you and many many more! Stay the amazing, devoted dad you are and thank you for all you have done for Deqlan and our family , thank you for taking such great care of Meggie and Keaton. Have a safe trip next week and dont worry we will look after your precious gifts!
Chris Higgins, Father to Mark, Kevin and Sandi , Oupa to Logan and Deqlan- we hope you had a lovely Father day today and many many more. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our soldier Deqlan . We look forward to seeing you soon and for Logan and Deqlan to come and play with the metal crocodile Logan loved so much, I know Deqlan will to!
Chris Higgins Snr, Father to Chris, Denis and Frans, Grandfather to many including Mark, Kevin and Sandi, Greatgrandfather to all incl Deqlan and Logan - we hope you had a lovely day Oupa and hope you are enjoying Durban. We pray for you each day and admire the strength and inspiration you are! God Bless and keep you happy and healthy and well!
Quintin Scott- Father to Tyler, Mark and Kevin, Grandfather to Logan and Deqlan ! We hope you had a great Fathers day ! Thank you for having Logan at the vaal ever possible weekend and for looking after her and taking such great care & spoiling her. Thank you to for all your prayers and support for our soldier Deqlan!
We had a great Fathers day lunch at Nanna and Grandpa - with roast lamb and roast potatoes and all the trimmings - there is no food like Nanna's food and we were very spoilt ! We had a fantastic surprise, of my uncle Ken and little cousin ( actually not so little) Jeran! It was fantastic to see them both and catch up with them! the last time we saw them was 1 month before Deqlan was diagnosed, his eye just started to swell t. Deqlan LOVED Jeran - he immediately took Jeran by the hand and off they went , playing in the garden, checking the cars out, Deqlan even let Jeran push him around in the pram! We are all amazed at how the two loved each others company - Deqlan is not really so open with faces he is not used to , it was great to see how much he loved Jerans company, and i think Jeran loved Deqlans company to! He even helped Meggie with Keaton! Wow, Jeran, i am going to call on you when we need a friend for Deqlan to play with! Was wonderful to see you guys , hope to see you soon soon again!
Today, Mark and I played director and producer in the film called, WHAT DEQLAN GETS UP TO AT HOME. We go for our assessment tomorrow and we were asked to make a short video of how Deqlan is at home and what he gets up to. We hope it helps the Dr in making a prognosis or suggestions for our Deqlan - we will also take some of his favorite toys with so Dr can see how nicely we plays with the things that he loves! Please say a little prayer for a positive outcome and great ideas to help Deqlan to continue developing his speech and other skills!
We had great fun today watching Deqlan eating mud and even trying to drink it, like a lion would from a pool of water! ha ha ha - shall post pics and more details soon!
We attended Darryls 30th Birthday celebration on Saturday while Deqlan stayed with Nanna and Grandpa - but more details and pics in the posts to come !
A very Happy 5th month Birthday to Keaton Beaton! My how the time has flown - stay the cutey pie you are! We love you so very very much and we are so happy to say that Keatons allergies tests ( for specific food groups) came back clear! Hooray - so it seems to just be the environment that can give him watery and red eyes, hopefully he will grow out of that!
Happy 30th Birthday to you Darryl for today! We hope that your dreams continue to become a reality and that you continue making the most of each day! You are a great friend and a true example of what it means to set your sights on something and reach it no matter what! Thanks for the great party on Saturday night, hope you had a blast and didn't feel to bad the next morning!
Happy Birthday to Sean, i am just kidding Shaun , for today! Next year is the big 30! Was awesome to see you and catch up with you guys at the party! We hope you had a great celebration and that the year to come is amazing! Hope to see more of you!
Have a great week everyone and let us know how you are - please continue your prayers of NED for our Deqlan and prayers for all our other friends around the world fighting nb and other cancers,. Extra special prayers for Ruan , fighting leukemia - we heard that the cancer is growing back. They are going to finish the course of chemo they are on, do another bone marrow after that and then revise the game plan, please pray for Ruan and his family. Also for Jordyn, fighting nb and for Drew who starts his transplant today.
God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm and Deqlan


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

What beautiful photo's of you and your daddy Deqlan! I know he will treasure them forever! Thank you for being such an inspiration in our lives and for being such a joyful and happy little boy! We love you so very much and Thank God for your healing each and every day! You melted my heart today when you started smiling and laughing when your mommy put happy feet on - you are such a joy to watch! May God guide, bless and protect always! You are our hero little guy! Love, Conrad, Meggie and Keaton

Nanna and Grandpa said...

To our precious Deqlan,

Just a little note from Nanna tonight to let you know how very proud you made Mommy and I today when you had your hour and a half assessment, in a small room, with 4 extra people watching you in action. You were superb, our precious boy ! Did you hear the doctor telling Mommy and I that she thought you were "a beautiful boy" , a "beautiful child" but then she must tell us something that we DO NOT know !!!!! With your eyelashes like paint-brushes, your soft, golden hair, your beautiful mouth and eyes, you are an example of God's perfection. And let's not even get into your cute little mannerisms and how you charm everyone with that grin, smile and laugh ! Today, you handled the interaction from everyone in your stride as you investigated all the toys arranged in the room for you and even went to your own bags to pull out some of your own favourite books and toys.

You were so very good today, our little brave and courageous hero, you were delightful to observe and a privilege and honour for us to love, treasure and cherish. God's richest blessings always darling Deqlan and may the Healing Hands of our Lord, forever enfold and embrace you and keep you NED all the days of your life.

And to your mommy, Samm, as your mother I AM SOO VERY PROUD OF YOU and commend the way you manage challenging conditions with such faith, hope, trust and dignity. I salute you my beautiful daughter - you are truly one-in-a-trillion. You are always paying others compliments, but do you realize that there are not enough beautiful words and ways to describe what a special woman you are. We are truly blessed as your entire family, - especially Mark as your husband, Deqlan as your son, Megs as your sister, Keaton as your grandmother, and I as your mother. If anyone wants to know the meaning of the word "mother" they should spend a day with you. And if they ever wanted to spell the words "mother-of-excellence and extraordinary qualities", it would be spelt "SAMM HIGGINS".

Mark, Samm and Deqlan, we love you so very much and it is our prayer that God bestows a very special blessing on your little family unit. Remember, "you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you".

With all our love,

Mom and Dee