Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 21 Months Deqlan!

Happy 21 Months our Darling Boy! I cant believe how quickly we are on our way to 2 years! You continue to light up our lives in every possible way , you continue to teach us so much, God continues to show His love through you each moment of every day! We are so Blessed to be your parents, and love you more and more each moment - you are are hero , inspiration and reason we are here on earth! We love you are Darling Deqlan more then you will ever know , but as i always say we shall continue to try and show you just how much each day by trying to be the best parents we can be !

Today is also Keatons 21 weeks birthday! Hooray! You continue to capture our hearts each moment we see you - you are to dam cute Keaton Beaton - your giggles and smiles and expressions and movements melt our hearts, you are to gorgeous and we love you billions!
Poor little monkey had to have blood drawn today for his allergy test - Nanna says Keaton was full of smiles for everyone and then very heartsore once needle went in - shame, its horrible to see such a little baba so upset - luckily its over and we anxiously await results to see if and what he is allergic to!

Today also marks exactly 1 year since Meggie gave us the news she was pregnant - as she tells on Keatons blog, we where at Kloof hospital and Megs arrived for her 'shift' with me at 6 am and she announced that not only was Deqlan a miracle but that she was expecting a miracle to! We were elated and overjoyed at the news! Later that day Deqlan had his emergency haemotoma repaired - his second op in 2 weeks - boy look how far we have come in 1 year , thank You Lord!

Thank you for all your prayers for Logan , she is out of hospital and will stay at home for the week to make sure she is 110% - her Ouma says she still has a bit of cramps from the gastro , but seems to be on the mend.

I was a bit concerned about our soldier the last few days - he hasn't been himself, a little more niggly then normal, flushed cheeks, and what concerned me the most is that he was not wanting to eat or even drink, now , for Deqlan not to want to drink , something must be worrying him ! I was more then relieved last night as Deqlan ate a little more and drank to and decided to have another peek into his mouth - and there it was! The last molar - out ! Deqlans appetite and thirst are getting back to normal today and he seems to be more chilled and relaxed and in a better mood!

We had a great session at speech and ot yesterday - the girls where impressed to hear about all the new developments the past week and very impressed to see Deqlan showing with his hand that he wanted something. He also calmed down so quickly after the door was shout - so 95% of our session is spent inside and being calm and focusing on activities - that in itself is a huge achievement! So, we go back next week Tuesday and will have our assessment , very interested to hear the feedback of the Doctor who specialises in smaller infants.

Please go and have a look at this video - how beautiful - Sloan Memorial hospital in New York had a prom for all the paed oncology kids to celebrate life! How beautiful and very this space...

Sam and Don and Mia - the countdown is really on its way as you wait for your baby boy to arrive on Monday 16 June - we are so excited for you and wish we were there to see the little guy arrive - cant wait to meet him - safe delivery my friend, God will be with you every step of the way, that's for sure!

Well, let me sign off for the evening and go and play with my little soldier who is thoroughly enjoying the taste of sand and the feel of mud at the moment!

God Bless, sleep tight, lots and lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan



Anonymous said...

To our precious and darling Deqlan,

Since we are not likely to see a similar milestone any time soon (if ever), today is a good day to pay tribute to you as you reach your 21 month milestone AND that your adorable cousin Keaton, reaches his 21 week milestone ALL ON THE SAME DAY !!!! Could not let an opportunity like this pass me by to salute you both.

How blessed can a Nanna be with having TWO extraordinary and beautiful grandsons !!!!!!! Deqlan, every day I spend with you, you mesmerize me with your enormous passion for life, your beautiful presence, your warm enthusiasm for your world and everything in it, your adorable smile and bubbly laughter, your verbal expressions of the words you can say, is pure music to my ears, a delight to my soul and nutrition for my spirit. When we spend quality time in the mornings, when I sing you to sleep for your morning nap, (after we have made kitty, helicopter, tugboats and train sounds and sung our very favourite songs)I get to hold your precious hands and as you go to sleep I whisper in your ear that I love you so very much. I also humbly ask God to bless you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and make the sign of the cross on your forhead. Your mommy may not know about this, but it is the one of the highlights of my day. On the days I do not see you, I long to hold you in my arms and smell your hair and take in the very essence of you. You are my hero, my inspiration and one of the greatest blessings God has given me and our family. You have only 4 months to go until you are a whole 2 years old and .... watch this space. "Toddler of the Year" is about to make his debut, steal more hearts, make more little girl friends weak at the knees. Observing your development and having playtime with you everyday, I get to witness God's perfect creation and love in action when I look at you and marvel at how you give your "friend" kisses, how you kiss Jog the Frog on the DVD, how you neatly pack the 4 teletubbies onto the TV cabinet and then... also how you, in one swoop, manage to get all your toy trucks, with construction and building blocks, onto the floor in record time. I could go on and on ......

May this milestone Deqlan be another beacon of love, hope and strength and another marker of your NED status your entire life!!! We love and adore you Deqlan as only loving grandparents can.

To MOmmy Samm, and Daddy Mark, Deqlan is testimony to your great love for the Lord, for each other and to your indescribable love for your brave, courageous and inspirational son. I am so very proud of you and feel truly blessed to witness your role as parents. We love you so very much.

God's richest blessings always.

All our Love,

Nanna and Grandpa

Sam and family said...

Hallo Sammy

Well, can you believe it, 21 months already! Time sure has flown, and Deqlan is still the most amazing and courageous little boy I know. You and Mark have been such and inspiration to those who know you, and Deqlan has been blessed to have chosen such wonderful parents as the two of you. Please give him and Logs a big massive kiss and cuddle from the Maccie D's in Plymouth. We truly miss you guys and wish we could be closer to share all your treasured moments with you in person! Regardless of the distance, you will always remain close to our hearts, and we keep you in our thoughts and prayers 24/7!!!!! Also happy to hear that Logs is out of hospital and feeling a bit better....

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

Sam (and Don and Mia...and soon baby Liam xxx)