Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thabang Thabong

We were so delighted to recieve a parcel from my second cousin, Hayli, addressed to Mr Deqlan Higgins! Inside,was a Thabang Thabong t shirt and cd for our soldier! Deqlan LOVES this programme and not a morning passes where Deqlan, Nanna & I stand waiting at the tv at 9am for our show to start! The best part of the show for Deqlan is the exercises performed by the zebra and lion characters! He dances round and around in excitement - Nanna and I try and join in the exercises, but half way through , we are out of breath! But we continue to try and do them with our soldier with as much enthusiasm as he as for the show! Hayli used to write the script for Thabang Thabong, and we eagerly await the end of the programme to , to watch the credits role, to see if that specific episode was Hayli's and we usually guess right! Now, our very talented Hayli is the director for a new show called Jakals Jol, mondays sabc2 at 10am! Its fantastic and your little ones will love this one to! Thank you so much Hayli, Deqlan loves his gifts!

Before Hayli so graciously offered to send the package to us, i had entered the shows daily competition every day for the last few months, and nearly fell off my chair yesterday to see that we were one of the winners for the day! Hooray! So we will get another parcel and will be happy to hand over to Keaton!

Deqlan and Keaton got a few new goodies i wanted to share with you all - Deqlan got a lovely caterpillar tunnel and tent which HE LOVES to crawl through - i am so pleased! All he wants to do at the moment is climb and he is very very good at it! We definitely want to get him onto a jungle gym as soon as we can as the rocking chair and high chair are getting a little boring for him to climb and jump off of! Deqlas has mastered the 30 plus stairs that lead up to our apartment to. We had supper at Meggie during the week and DeqlAn even worked out a plan to get on top of Keatons play house! We got to watch him like a hawk!

Meggie got a lovely sling to carry Keaton in and he seems to love it very very much and it calms him down really well - great idea and you can use up to 3 years of age - dont think Deqlan would agree to it though, he is FAR to busy and no time to be still!

Keaton and Deqlan also enjoyed their very first bath together last night - it was to precious for words and they both had a ball. Keaton did not like Deqlans wind up lobster, sebastian so he wanted to get out when we showed him, but they had a great time together and i look forward to many many more baths together!

Its Monseigneur last service at our parish this evening, as he retires from tomorrow. So we will be honored to attend this service tonight, and then his farewell tomorrow, which includes the Welsh Male Choir performing and then snacks afterwards. I am going to be very sad to see him go, as he was there at the start of our journey and has been with us every step of the way. We wish him only the best and thank you Monseigneur Hill for all you have done for Deqlan and for our family, we will never ever forget you. The new priest taking over is Father Russell, he is just as lovely and we look forward to getting to know him very well.

We are getting the boxes out this weekend to start packing for our big move, on the weekend of 25 July - we have LOTS to sort out, so better get cracking!

Have a very blessed weekend, please continue to pray for Deqlan to remain NED always. Please pray for all his friends around the world. Extra special prayers today for Dyllan Diedericks, just over 1 week old, & Katie Krize fighting nb and healing from surgery

God Bless and lots of love

Mark, Samm, Deqlan



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