Saturday, June 7, 2008

A playdate with Gianna!

We were SO EXCITED to eventually have our play date with Gianna and her Mommy Jelenka!
Jelenka & Neil were in antenatal classes with Mark and I and we are very privileged to have stayed in touch all this time , and for the amazing support and prayers they have always offered is through Deqlans journey!
So, we were off to Irene country lodge again, the ideal place for Deqlan as it is outside and he can run and run and run, but most importantly not be surrounded by germs in a closed area!
Gianna is 6 weeks younger then Deqlan, but her vocabulary wowed me from the word go! Gianna is so clever, she learnt how to say Deqlan and Samm, my heart melted hearing these words from her ! I didnt have to much time to sit down and have a good catch up with Jelenka as our soldier was off as soon as I said the words 'an appletiser please', to the waiter!
SO most of the afternoon was spent running after my very active soldier - but i wouldn't have it any other way! Gianna soon called on Jelenka to follow, 'COME MUMMY' and off we went chasing ducks, looking at cars, rolling on the grass, eating sand and getting dirty! Its one of the things i enjoy the most about Deqlan - the dirtier he gets the better, i think its from when we had to keep everything so clean and sterile and germ free, that he is enjoying these experience now - i think i enjoy them more !

We managed to get a few minutes of mommy talk time in , by getting the kids to sit at the table each reading their books - which they both love! But that was only to last for a few minutes and our soldier was off again with Gianna not far behind!

This time, my gorgeous soldier tried to take Gianna by the hand to run with him, but the beautiful little thing wasn't to sure if this is what she wanted to do! So after a few tugs our soldier ran off in search of cars and was ecstatic to find a peugeot , that has a lion emblem on the front, he hasn't seen 'this species' of car before, so was a lot more interested then he normally is!

We eventually had to get our monkeys home as the sun was due to set and our little soldier was getting tired from his very busy afternoon of fun! Thank you so very much Jelenka and Gianna, for a stunning afternoon, it was fantastic and we enjoyed each moment. Thank you to for the gorgeous Old Macdonald farm tractor and animals which Deqlan Loves! As you saw, Deqlan even pointed, yes pointed everyone, to the cow when i asked him where it was - i am elated with this to. We look forward to many, many,many more playdates and i know the kids are going to become very good buddies ! Thank you to for all your continued love , support and prayers for our Deqlan - we are lucky to have you as friends!

The other photos today are off Deqlan driving in the car with Grandpa ,he gets so excited when Grandpa arrives home we run to meet him and then he gets a ride as Grandpa parks the car! The other is a contraption Nanna and Grandpa crated for Keaton to get pulled around in - looks like a very comfy ride to me, id get in it if i could fit! Deqlan also tried to have a go at pulling!

We heard last night that Logan was admitted into hospital for very bad dose of bronchitis, please pray for her quick recovery, hospitals are definitely not her favorite place! We miss you Logs and send you lots of love, hugs and prayers to get better soon!

Please also say an extra special prayer for the following warriors

RUAN - His bone marrow is not clear, so not ready for transplant, we await next plan of action on Tuesday

Jordyn - please see new link above, her tumor is inoperable

Marissa - battling to survive without oxygen support , link above to

Have a wonderful weekend, please continue the prayers for our warrior and others around the world

God Bless and all our love

Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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Anonymous said...

It has been so long since I have posted...and I am so sorry about that. We have all been so busy trying to raise money and awareness to childhood cancer. Deqlan is adorable! Thank you so much for posting the recent pictures. He looks very happy and healthy. May God continue to bless you and your family! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}} to Deqlan!
Charli's Grandma P