Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The stork is on its way shortly.....

Hello Everyone

Hope you all well and happy and healthy and had a great weekend

We are very very very busy on this side of the world, finalising everything for snug as a bug and i am very fortunate to be so busy at work to ! Just running out of hours in the day!

We attended two baby showers this weekend - Celeste, who is having a little girl round the 22nd of July - was lovely to go to a girl baby shower - it has just been boys the past year or so, so very different to see pink and purple decorations with frilly dresses! It was a lovely morning and we enjoyed a stunning champagne breakfast with all the trimmings!

Then we ran off to Loren's surprise baby shower for her little boy, due towards end of August ! The theme was the beach, and Loren's sister did a fantastic job of decorating with all things nautical and Loren even had to get her swimming wings on to get into the mood ! I felt more at home as Loren pulled out the blue blankets and cars and bike adorned clothes , and could say, ' oh Deqlan has that' ha ha ha ! Was a lovely afternoon and was lovely to catch up with all the girls again and to spend some time with Megs and Keaton and Nanna, our soldier had a ball of a time with Dada at home most of Saturday. I WILL POST PICS LATER , FORGOT MY CABLE AT HOME!

Speaking of our soldier, Deqlan is doing very very well, and the teeth dont seem to be worrying him these days ( touch wood!) He is SO ACTIVE which i love and is becoming more vocal, giving lots and lots of eye contact and is just to lovable for words . He is now saying 'ffff' when he see's a flower on the tv, 'eeee' which Dada figured out is for UP EE, he said 'PO' over the weekend , which is his favorite red telly tubby, i think i hear him say 'DUCK' while he was playing with his little rubber ducky - so we are delighted with the constant progress and great changes in Deqlan.

He continues to LOVE AND I MEAN LOVE cars, he now has to get into the car , he knows where the keys go and he knows which buttons do what for the radio, hazard lights and windows! He takes great delight in running around a car, checking all the wheels, then coming back to the front to touch the badge, it is as if he is saying ' YIP, THIS IS A BMW' and ' OH, THIS IS A MERC' - it wonderful to watch and we are convinced he will definitely have something to do with cars!

We go for our next round of speech & occupational therapy today and i cant wait to tell the girls about all the new stuff he is doing!

We are going to be moving at the end of July , to a bigger 3 bedroom place, with a little splash pool and lapa and lovely garden. Mark's sister, Sandi and her husband, Michael are immigrating to New Zealand and we where more then happy to say yes to renting their house ! Its in a security estate and only a few minutes away from where we are now and the bonus - NO SNAKES! HOORAY! So we have already started taking the pictures off the walls and sealing and cleaning and sorting and packing - and while all this is going on, i have been busy sorting and packing our pjs - so you can imagine what our house looks like! this confirms we are in desperate need of more space!

Hope you all have a great week, please please continue praying for our Deqlan to remain ned and please say an extra special prayer for our dear little friend Ruan, that his bone marrow is clear and they an do the much needed transplant. Please remember all our friends and their families and friends , from around the world - DEAR LORD, PLEASE HELP US RAISE MORE AWARENESS AND PLEASE HELP US FIND THE FUNDS TO FIND THE CURE , AMEN

God bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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