Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our assesment

Hello Deqlans Army

Trust you are all well and on the way to a great weekend!

Our assessment went very well - Deqlan WAS AMAZING! He never even moaned or cried to get out the room at all, even though we waited in the room by ourselves for 20 minutes, he continued to play with his beloved cars and checked each corner of the room out. He remained calm and his cute self the entire session - for 1 and a half hours! At the end it was time to go and time to get out , who could blame him?

He was so precious, he is so used to seeing me drink my water and carry my water bottle around with me, he brought it to me in the room and even put it towards my mouth and then once i had a sip he wanted one to. The previous day, Deqlan actually got his juice bottle in my mouth and got me to take a sip, shame he is so thoughtful.
Our therapists were in on the session, plus the doctor, plus Nanna and I , so Deqlan had plenty eyes watching him, but he didn't mind as we were all sitting on the floor , except for Dr.

The Doc asked alot of questions and Nanna and I, along with our therapists tried to create the best picture we could of our soldier and who he really is.

The Doc agrees there are some areas of concern, and would like to put them down to all that Deqlan has been through - his hospital stays and chemo rounds which happened at a critical time in his development. She would like us to get Deqlan playing more with kids ( so we will be getting together with our friends we don't go to school and aren't sick, until we can be with other kids again) and more routine and I shouldn't be afraid to say no to our beautiful bouncy blessed boy!

It is suggested to have another assessment after Deqlans 2nd Birthday, some time in October to check on his progress, and we hope and pray we can continue doing all the right things to assist and motivate Deqlan however we can, Dr will then give us her confirmed opinion and diagnosis.

Deqlan is not just saying FFFF anymore for Flower he is now trying to say the word , its sounds like FOW-i am so proud at the attempts he is making and look so forward to him making more progress each week.

He is now 'pointing', he uses his pointing finger a lot more each day and he is loving not only packing things into, but now out of ! Another favorite is choosing the dvd he wants to watch, trying to open the tray to load the dvd, putting the dvd onto the tray and then closing and waiting for the picture to appear! He continues to love Happy Feet!

Deqlans last molar still seems to continue to worry him at times, his appetite is not fantastic, but there is always room for biscuits or cheese or matza ( flat bread, like a crisp bread). We do get moments of ear tugging and rubbing, so referred pain for the pushing of the tooth!

Speaking of teeth, we discovered Keatons first tooth has arrived, its just just broken through the come, and we only happened to check because he wasn't wanting to feed and had every finger he possibly could in his mouth! Congrats Keaton and on your 22nd week Birthday! We hope it doesn't give you to much grief!

Enjoy the new pics, we love the pics of our 'lion' drinking out the muddy water hole he discovered at the bottom of the driveway! He was covered in mud, it was amazing to watch, a real little boy our Deqlan is! We went to Darryls 30th Borat party on Saturday and it was great fun,missed our little guy, but Keaton kept me company he was as good as gold! And everyone wanted their turn with the cute little monkey! Nix Dad , Uncle Clyde had a great time! Everyone went to alot of effort to dress up and i think fun was had by all! Happy 30th again Darryl hope its a great one! Nix and Darryl, your new place is beautiful and we know you guys are going to be very happy there and hope to come and visit soon, and maybe have a playmate for Deqlan to play with .........!

I continue to be blown away by our armys generosity. Nadia, came to drop off another , yes another 2 bags full of pjs today, from a colleague at her work, Sean and his wife. Thank you so very very much Sean and family for your very generous donation of the most beautiful pjs! I just love the sport themed ones and can already see a smiling , warm, proud, happy face peering at me as he puts them on! Thank you and God Bless you for helping our important cause.

Please continue the prayers, please continue the support, please continue spreading the word and doing all we can to find the cure for NB. Please continue to pray for our gorgeous soldier and all his friends around the world - especially for Drew, under going his stem cell transplant, for Jordyn and Ruan and Charlize at this moment who are valiantly fighting cancer.

God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

We are so happy to hear that you and especially little D is doing so GREAT!! We just love the updates and the photos are adorable!! We continue to keep you all in our prayers and trust the the Lord will continue to bless you and keep you all healthy!!

Have a SPECTACULAR day!!

Coreen and Grant

Debbie said...

Love all the adorable pictures! Glad to hear the assessment went so well, I know how stressful those things can be. I just know with all your encouragement, he will be progressing every day. Love to you sweet Deqlan!
Debbie & Connor Khoury