Saturday, December 15, 2007

We are home

Hello Deqlans Army
We are home! arrived yesterday afternoon round 5. All is well, Deqlan eating and drinking and having wet and dirty nappies!

He is walking around, playing, laughing, trying to pull the ornaments of the Christmas tree, enjoying his dogs, and dvds- having a ball

He is still a little cautious walking around and he has already bumped his eye playing with the kitchen cupboards, but all else going very very well

We even bathed Deqlan tonight, trying our best not to wet the dressing - we are going to attempt to take it off tomorow to have a look - Prof Beale told us he also neatened the scar from all the other previous ops and all the underlying scar tissue, so curious to see what it look like- but thats not a factor to us, as long as it is healing well , we are happy - its a badge of honor which Deqlan will one day understand and look down at it with pride.

We are going to take it very easy the rest of this long weekend - i really havent been feeling well with my sinus and we want Deqlan to heal and rest as much as possible , but not our soldier- he is up and about and full steam ahead. You would NEVER say he had a major op only 4 days ago - what a strong soldier he is, and i know i keep saying it , but we are SO VERY PROUD OF DEQLAN!

We recieved a parcel from our dearest friends in the uk, Don, Sam & Mia ( and baby on the way)! Deqlan recieved the cutest thing i have ever seen - a Manchester United soccer outfit! At the back, the word FROG 1! For those of you who have been on this journey from the beginning with us will know how significant FROG is to us - FULLY AND FOREVER RELIANT ON GOD. It is gorgeous and cant wait to put Deqlan in it, promise to take photos so you can see how gorgeous he looks in it. Thank you so much guys for the stunning outfit and lovely gift for Logs, shall let you know when we deliver it to her.We miss you more then you will ever know, and you are always in our thoughts.Love you all so very very much.

Hope you are all well - let us know how you are and thank you again for your never ending support, love and prayers for Deqlan and our families

Please continue to pray that we recieve excellent test results that show that the tumor is mature and the cells all dead.


God bless and all our love
Mark, Samm , Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam ,Mark Deqlan Bev and family.
Pleased to hear Deqlan is home and doing well.
With regard to his results I feel the loird is saying Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
Love and prayers Ruth xx

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

holding thumbs for those test results. So glad Deqlan is feeling good and running around already.