Friday, December 7, 2007

7 Dec, a day we will never forget

Happy Birthday Dear Gorgeous Logan
Congrats on your 6th Birthday big girl - what an achievement! We are so very proud of you - you have grown into the most beautiful, giving, gentle, kind, sporty and fun loving princess.
We love you so very much - you are an amazing gift and we thank Our Lord for you each day. This is the first year that we wont be able to celebrate in person with you on your special day, but we are always, always in your heart and with you each second of every day.
Thank you for being the amazing big sister you are to Deqlan - for always thinking of him first, for wanting to share absolutely everything with him for loving him so much. I know how difficult the last 6 months must have been on you to gogga and we are so proud of the way you have understood that you cant play with Deqlan just yet, until his soldiers are all up and fighting again!
You are amazing, we miss you every day, i miss you terribly today, and know that we are always with you , sending you all our love, endless hugs and kisses -
May God always, always protect and guide you , his special girl.
We love you Logs, always Dad, Samm & Deqlan

What a day the 7th of Dec has been. It actually started 6 Dec - it was Marks year end work function last night and he recieved the best new comer award out of +_100 new comers! He has only been at Baltrans for 5 months - so what an achievement this is! I am so proud of you My Love - i know how hard you have worked and i am so glad to see you reaping the rewards of your hard work and dedication - thank you for doing your best for us and for taking such good care of us - we are so proud of you - I love you so very very much and Deqlan and Logan look to you as their hero and protector - thank you for all you do for us, you deserve this and so much more ! We Love you so very very much!
I could not sleep at all last night - i am so tired - but for some reason couldnt sleep. I recieved a call from a number i didnt know just after midnight - it was a lady asking me to hold on for Mark - i immediately asked what was wrong, and the answer i got was, MY ANGEL, I ROLLED THE CAR. i froze - Dear Lord...please let Mark be ok. I called on my amazing brother in law Conrad and Meggy to come and help ! Megs came to me to help watch Deqlan while Conrad went to find Mark. The accident happened 4 minutes away from home, Mark getting off the highway - the car lost control, he tried to correct it and the car hit a huge sign board on the side of the road, and the car rolled and rolled... i feel sick just typing this. Mark managed to unclip his safety belt , get out the window and flag down a car to help, these are the people that called me.
Thank you Dear Heavenly Father that Mark was not seriously injured - a miracle, a Blessing - Mark bashed the right side of his head against the window or inside of the door, recieved numerous cuts to his forehead, the safety belt also grated his neck and shoulder...the entire right side of his face is swollen, even down to his jaw. He is very stiff and a very sore head. Very sore and swollen and bruised left hand. The car is a right off ..this does not matter one little bit - but it tells you the severity of the accident.
Conrad arranged a tow truck to take the car away and he then took Mark to the hospital to get checked out - his wounds where cleaned, very roughly , i might add - and off to xrays he went . He was given the ok to come home around 2am.
I got a huge fright when he jumped out of Conrads car - blood all over his head and clothes...swollen face and clearly in pain and discomfort.
Mark and I took a drive to the site today and I couldnt believe my eyes - Mark actually hit the sign post , went through it, and the huge mass of a metal frame seemed to have dragged along with the car until it eventually came to a stop on its roof- i was speechless . Thank you and thank you again Dear Lord for keeping Mark safe and sound, that he had no serious injuries and that he is home safe and sound with us tonight, lying next to our beautiful son, both resting, dreaming and enjoying the warmth they share next to each other - what a precious sight - what a gift - My husband and my son are both going to be ok - please Dear Lord - continue to protect them and please heal our Deqlan totally and permanently.
We are both unbelievably grateful & thankful to God for this miracle - for protecting Mark and bringing him home safely to us.
Please drive safely - please travel safely and listen to the whispers God sends us to slow down ....
Thank you for all your continued support and above all prayers...we are so Blessed to have you all in our lives and Deqlans prayer army
All our Love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Goodness me Samm! How very scary and what a huge fright you must have had. Thank you Lord for keeping Mark safe. Please place your hand of protection over this whole family and your angels around them to keep them safe. What a relief that Mark has no serious injuries.

Camouflage it will be on Tuesday for our whole family and I am sure many others too! May the Lord give you peace and serenity and the comfort of knowing that Deqlan is safe in His arms and that this is the final step to permanent healing in this NB journey. God Bless you all with amazing calm at this time. Much love and prayers and care to your special family. Karen, Dave and boys xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam ,Mark and deqlan and Bev and family,praise the lord Mark is safe ,Will be praying for Deqlan on the 10th .
Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
i felt that is what the Lord is saying to you lots of love Ruth xx

Anonymous said...

My goodness..what a scare you all had.......I will keep Deqlan in my prayers this week........hoping that his surgery goes good.
Good Luck.

Charli Anns' Gma B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam ,Mark Deqlan Bev and family praying for Deqlan today as he has his surgery.
The lord has given me Jeremiah 29;11 For I know the plans I have for you ,hold on to that scripture today. you are all in my thoughts and prayers Love Ruth xxx

Charli Ann said...

Thinking of you today...praying for a painless day for Deqlan.

I am glad to hear Mark is safe and sound...the Good Lord keeps pass challenges our way, doesn't He?!!

Blessing and positive thoughts with you ALWAYS!