Sunday, December 9, 2007


We had Meggies Surprise Baby Shower on Saturday and i have been wanting to write about it for the longest time, but since it was a surprise for Megs had to keep it under wraps!

The the theme was Peter Rabbit and Friends in the garden, to go along with the theme Megs and Conrad chose for Keatons nursery

Many many months of thinking, planning, telling white lies to keep Megs off the track , went into putting this unforgettable day together
Megs and Conrad had a photo shoot with Loren in the morning and we had arranged for Loren to take them out so we could set everything up while they where out

Dee, Mom, Sophie, Joyce, Mark , Deqlan and I spent the 2 and a half hours before the party started, trying to get everything set up and making it just perfect for Megs - we thought it looked stunning and where very happy at how everything turned out

All the guests arrived around 2 and Megs arrived at 230 to be totally blown away at the surprise! We where so happy we kept it a secret for so long!

Megs got the most stunning gifts - Keaton has everything he shall need and even desire for at least the first few months of his precious life

Thank you to you all for the stunning gifts - all the love and thought you put into carefully making, choosing and wrapping your gifts is the real gift.

Thank you My love, Deqlan, Nanna, Grandpa ,Sophie and Joyce for making the day extra special, for your hours , weeks ,months of help and ideas! We make a great team!

It was a stunning afternoon and we cant wait to meet this amazing little creature that has already crept into our hearts.
Deqlan even recieved a present from Suzanne and Kerri - how thoughtful girls, you are so sweet, thanks so much for the gorgeous teddy , Deqlan loves him and we have named him big foot!
We cant wait to see you Meggie and Conrad in full swing - you are going to recieve the most beautiful, precious, priceless and lovable gift you can ever imagine - always look to God for guidance and treasure each amazing moment, you are going to make the most fantastic parents, we are so proud of you and love you so very much.

I also recieved the most stunning gift from my Dear Friend Claire and her mom Beryl. Claire and Beryl spent many many many hours making the most beautiful quilt. It has been made up of 15 blocks, each a photo of Deqlan and our family, growing up and the last embroidered with his name and date of birth - i have NEVER recieved something so beautiful, the amount of thought and love put into this project of love is so clear and I feel so Blessed that you put that love into this priceless gift. I shall treasure it always and it shall hang proudly in our house and become something so important in our family - Deqlan will have it hanging in his house one day for his children to admire. Thank you both for this STUNNING GIFT- we are totally blown away at the amount of time and love and effort and thought you put into this - we will treasure it always.
Thank you all to for checking in on Mark, he says he is feeling a little better, but it still stiff and swollen- he now has a black eye which is also still very swollen - shame, he looks so battered and bruised, but we still continue to Thank God for saving him and for getting him safely back home - thanks again to Megs and Conrad for all your help in making sure Mark , Deqlan and I where fine.
We went to church this morning and was so touched to see a special mention for prayers for Deqlan on Tuesday. They also ask for prayers in the pamphlet for him, but this week made a very special note of it - they also announced it at last nights and this mornings mass- again, on overwhelming feeling of support and Gods love came running through me.Happy Birthday to one of my very dearest friends Nix. I hope you have a stunning day - you deserve to be spoilt and pampered! Have a wondeful year ahead and thank you for your amazing support, love and prayers during Deqlans journey this year. We Love you tons !
Please continue to pray for our beautiful soldier - he is looking fantastic and running everywhere! lots of smiles and laughs ! Deqlan is now saying Mamma, Baba and Bum!!!! Ha ha ha ha - his appetite is wonderful, he had pink rosey cheeks and is full of beans enjoying and exploring every minute of every day! What a Blessing and gift he is to us.

We have just finished putting up the Christmas tree - it looks beautiful and now officially feels a lot more like Christmas! We already have gifts under the tree for Deqlan ! We have been opening the advent calender to, each day as we count down towards the 25th! How exciting that this year Deqlan can enjoy the festivities a little more - he was tiny last year, although he still had a great time watching all the lights and bows!
nerves are kicking in now, i must say, but i continue to look on the bright side of things - Thank You Lord we have the oppurtunity to remove the tumor, where others might not have this chance - thank you that it has shrunk so significantly and thank you that it is not wrapped around any organs or blood. Thank you that Deqlan responded to the chemo, thank you that he was under 1 year when diagnosed, thank you that this is not amplified. Thank You Lord for bringing us to this point and that Deqlan has done so great , that the scans show no active cancer - that he had no side affects to the chemo, that he is blossoming into the most beautiful baby boy I could ever have imagined to be Blessed with. That God continues to protect and guide Deqlan and our entire family.

Have a great week and please also continue to pray for all our friends fighting neuroblastoma and other cancers.
God Bless and all our love and more
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


Anonymous said...

our prayers are with you all the way from zanzibar love Dale and Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hallo our dear friends

All the photo's are gorgeous. I can't believe how well Deqlan looks. What a stunner....
We are thinking of you tomorrow. You are in our hearts, minds and prayers every hour of every day. We pray that this will be the last obstacle to overcome this horrible disease, and are thankful that Deqlan has been so strong, brave and healthy throughout.
Love you guys more than words can say.
Sam xxxx (and Don and Mia xxx)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

if I remember correctly Deqlan is due for surgery tomorrow. we have not stopped praying and you will all be in our thoughts.
Sure all will go well and Deqlan will be just fine.

big kisses for Deqlan from Gianna

lots of love
Jelenka, Neil & Gianna

Elriza said...

We're praying for you guys today!!!

Wes & Elriza

MSBABY said...

Best wishes for Deqlan's surgery!

From Jan at

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Deqlan,

We pray that you are sleeping peacefully right now - totally comfortable and without pain. We are so happy that this operation is behind you and you are already on the road to recovery from the surgery. Samm and Mark, we pray for a totally positive outcome of this operation and only good news telling us that Deqlan has won this fight!!! We all stand strong with your soldier and await the good news of his permanent healing! We lift the 3 of you up in prayer and hope that Mark is feeling better too. Praise the Lord for his mercies and miracles.

God Bless, Karen, Dave, Jordan & Dylan xxx