Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A Warm Hello to our special Deqlan's "Army",

A very brief blog tonight from Nanna to let you all know that our precious Deqlan's surgery was performed today, as scheduled ( and on the day Deqlan turned exactly 15 months) !

Prof Beale had initially expected a fairly routine procedure lasting about 45 minutes to remove the residual tumour but discovered during the surgery that the tumour had surrounded a major blood vessel (para aorta) and this took 2 and a half hours to resect or cut away with great care. He reported that he removed a band of tumour tissue (larger than expected according to the scans) which today had a fibrosed appearance and in his opinion, suspects that the tissue is indeed "dead" or mature. He was confident that he managed to remove all the tumour tissue which was visible, but will confirm with Samm and Mark in the morning, when more details about the procedure and its outcome will be available. The tumour will be sent to the path lab for biopsy which will confirm the status of the tissue resected. These results are expected in about 5-7 days.

The bone marrow aspiration was not performed as the surgical team reported that the specific aspiration needle required for the procedure was not available in theatre today ???? Samm was not happy at all as it means that our Deqlan still faces this procedure in the near future and that the ideal was to have this aspiration done whilst he was under anaesthetic for the tumour resection. However the surgeon said it could be done later under a local anaesthetic (he obviously does not know Deqlan's fiesty energy and activity levels !!!!). We promptly tried to find the "positive" in the situation and we decided that perhaps it was in Deqlan's best interest to have the bone marrow biopsy done by the oncologist who has been treating him as he does these procedures quite often. The other benefit is that the EXACT area where the last aspiration was done could be accessed again to evaluate the response of the bone marrow involvement to the chemotherapy.

Although there was minimal bleeding during the operation, Deqlan's oxygen levels were low post-operatively and so he spent a longer time in "recovery" before being transferred to the paediatric ward. He has an intravenous drip, a nasogastric tube (for drainage) and will remain on oxygen until his levels have stabilized. His observations are stable (temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure) and these observations will be monitored throughout the night as will monitoring and treatment for pain control. When we left him tonight with his hugely relieved Mommy and Daddy, he was restful, drifting in and out of sleep, waking just to ensure someone familiar is beside his cotside.

All Thanks, Praise and Glory to our Healing Lord for His ensuring the success of the operation, for His guidance of the medical and nursing team, His promise to Heal Deqlan and for providing Samm, Mark and the family with the courage and strength required for, and graciously received today. Samm, Mark, Deqlan and the family would like to thank you all sincerely for all your prayers, love, support and wishes today. We could feel the "power" of your prayers and it helped us "sit the waiting" for nearly 3 hours, trusting fully in the Lord and faithfully knowing HE held Deqlan in the palms of His hands and used the surgeon as His "instrument". We ask that your prayers continue for Deqlan's speedy and complete recovery and that Samm and Mark renew, and maintain their extraordinary levels of strength, faith, trust, hope and courage.

God bless you all. Samm will post a fuller blog in the morning, providing more details of the surgery (after Prof Beale does his ward rounds tomorrow) as well as the update on our brave and courageous hero, our beautiful Deqlan's condition.

Deqlan, we love and treasure you so very much and can't wait for you to return to Nanna and Grandpa's house to play with your train set, singing animals, see the doggies, switch on the fans, watch the Christmas tree lights and ring all the sailor bells in the house. Tonight when Nanna came home, the "silence" of all your toys in our house was "deafening". Please HURRY back to us our precious and treasured Deqlan Ross. GET WELL SOON. Samm and Mark, always know how much we love and cherish you. You have shown extraordinary strength and courage; you are an inspiration to us. May God's love enfold you, His peace embrace you, His mercy envelope you and His promises, feed your faith.

Posted By Nanna, with great love.


Anonymous said...

Deqlan and family are in our prayers tonight and always. Get well soon Deqlan. You are such an inspiration to us all, and have been the bravest little boy in the whole world. We pray that this will be the last of the treatment you will have to endure at your tender little age (and always...). Look after your Mommy and Daddy for us. They have been amazing, and you couldn't have chosen two more faithful, dedicated, loving and caring parents that you have, to walk this journey with you.

Love you lots darling Deqlan.

Don, Sam and Mia xxx

Charli Ann said...

I am glad to hear he has made it out with flying colors! I feel bad that you were not able to have the gone marrow done at this time, but it will be less for his body to recover from at this time.

Waiting to hear more news...praying for only goodness to come your way from here on out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark & Samm,
I am so relieved to hear that the surgery went well despite the unexpected nature and position of the tumor. Deqlan has been in my daily prayers and I will be specifically praying for the biopsy to show dead tissue and for Deqlan's recovery from the surgery to go very well. I know how rough this part of the journey can be and you are ever in my thoughts. I have also thanked God for the fortunate outcome from Mark's accident - that entry really shook my up. It's amazing how quickly life can change and how important it is that we NEVER take a day that God has given us for granted. You are one very strong family. May God bless each of you, especially in the next few days as you wait for results and allow Deqlan to heal from the procedure. Many prayers will be said for him...

Hugs, hope, prayers and support always,
Karen and the Jacobs family

Claire Ferreira said...

To My Dear Friends,

We will continue to pray for a speedy recovery for Deqlan and that you receive great results form the tumour biopsy. Always know we are thinking of you all and you have our full support.

Deqlan, get better quickly little brave soldier, there is still a huge world out there for exploring. We are praying for you baby boy.

We are so glad the op was a success.

God Bless you all.

Claire, STephan & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mark, Samm, Deqlan and family.

We are so relieved that the surgery went well and that your soldier came through it with flying colours. We continue to pray for your speedy recovery little deqlan and for favourable results of the tumour that was removed in the next couple of days. GOD IS GOOD!

Waiting in anticipation for your next blog update.
With lots of love
Kobus, Bron & Matt

Will's Dad said...

So glad to hear it went well. I'm sure he'll be back at home and back to himself in no time at all!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Hope that Deqlan is feeling better today and that it's not too sore.

We are glad the surgery went well, will be waiting to hear results of all the tests.

We are thinking of you guys and will keep you in our prayers especially Deqlan.

lots of love
Jelenka, Neil & Gianna