Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Brave soldier

Hello All

Hope you all had a good long weekend!

We took the dressings off Deqlans tummy on Sunday and was very happy to see how beautiful the cut is looking - it is so much neater then the last 3 and a lot of scar tissue removed - all that remains is some little crocodile plasters ( i call them that they look like croc teeth) straped across the cut - these fall off by themselves. The cut is quite a bit longer the previously - but we are not concerned with that - we are concerned that the surgeon did a fantastic job and that Deqlan is healing so beautifully

Deqlan is running around and having a ball being at home in his own environment - he is looking fantastcic to. He did start with a runny nose and post nasal drop on Sunday and I immediately started on the normal colds and flu remedies but it didnt seem to be helping all that much -it also seemed like his throat was very sore. Mark woke up with the sore throat yesterday morning and that just made my mind up to contact our GP - she prescribed the same antibiotic i am on for Deqan and for Mark - it definitely made a difference for Deqlan - Mark still battling a bit, i am feeling better though

Deqlans eating and drinking 95% back to normal and he still loves all his favorites - chocolate, cheese, crumpets , apple juice and spagetthi!

Cant wait to get him outside to play but all we have had the past few days is rain, rain and more rain - very strange for December -its normally very hot in the day with a shower in the afternoon

While my beautiful soldier sleeps, i am trying to finish up last minute things for work , and trying to wrap Christmas presents and doing a bit of cleaning round the house. Cant believe its only 1 week to Christmas - this year ahs flown past. This Christmas is going to be extra special - we have been given the gift of Deqlan and his health and no amount of money or searching could buy that. We have been given the gift of the Birth Of Our Lord Jesus we came to save us ! We have been given the gift of family and friends - wow - we have been spoilt rotten already!

Still waiting on the results of the tumor biopsy please continue to pray that its completely dead. Mark will be contacting Dr De Jager today to chat about the bone marrow aspiration as well - really wish they did it while Deqlan was under aneasthetic but just got to trust everything happens for a reason

Please continue to pray for all our friends fighting NB and other cancers - for all of those that are in hospital over the Christmas period, all of those that have lost hope - THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE THOUGH!

Let us know how you are - God Bless and hope you enjoying the holidays
All our love
Mark , Samm & Deqlan


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