Thursday, December 20, 2007


We have just returned home from Kloof hopsital after the biosy has been cancelled - reason - Deqlan still has flu and he hd a particularly bad night last night coughing and lots of stuff gunged up in his sinus. We are actually very thankful and relieved about this

As you all know, Kloof is the hospital where we had all the complications and surgeries right in the beginning - so we where not happy to go there first off, but because of the time of year,and lots of people being on leave, DR De Jager could only arrange it this way.

We did not sleep well at all - i just couldnt settle, Deqlan battling with his cough- we didnt sleep well. This morning i already had my doubts about the procedure and opened by Bible on a page that said ' GO BACK TO BED, I AM NOT CALLING YOU YET' .My Mom opened her Bible on ' DO NOT GOT TO THEATRE' But , we still decided to go and see what the doctors said , as i didnt want to stop the procedure just because I didnt want it - we had to think of whats best for Deqlan. So we arrived at Kloof, already an ill feeling came across me this time the lights shouldve been flashing in my head to turn arond and go home

We arrived at admisssions to recieve Deqlans form with the Doctors name on that did the previous surgeries- Mark and I both immediately refused to do anything further as this was not what was arranged and there was no way he was EVER touching Deqlan again. I went into panic mode - couldnt help myself, i got so upset and worked up - dont know if it was because i saw his name or because my intuition was telling me not to go through with this. So after a lot of phoning around we where told he wasnt doing the procedure but because the pathologist didnt have rooms at Kloof they had to put his name on for the bed space. This doctor actually spoke to Mark over the phone and had some smart comments of his own to make - but Mark confirmed that he would not be doing the procedure himself.

The entire time we where doing this - Deqlan was literally trying several times to walk out of the door ..he was crying and miserable and definitely not himself , he has never been like this- im sure he also felt that we where back or that this wasnt the right day to do the biopsy

We then went up to ward p anyway to meet the pathologist and the aneathitist and would then decide from there. The aneathetist decided to call the op off cause Deqlans nose was runny and he looked pale and definitely full of flu . He also heard some noise on his lungs and decided it was safer not to do it today. He also mentioned that they dont do biopsies that often and that Unitas hospital does plenty more - and that sentence definitely sealed the deal for me to say goodbye to Kloof for the very very last time .

I have already been in contact with Unitas and we shall set the biopsy up for early in Jan when Deqlan has gotten over his flu and completely recovered after his surgery- I feel much much better about this. I am thanful for the Lord showing us once again, the direction we needed to take this morning. Thank you Dear Lord for always guiding us and for always looking after Deqlan.

Thank you for your prayers, messages and continued love and support - it means the world to us.

Also a huge thank you to Chris and Dalene, who made a very special effort to come through yesterday to drop Deqlans Christmas gift off. We let him open it early so they could enjoy seeing Deqlans reaction. Deqlan got the cutest winnie the pooh radio - each chanel has a different song , its to cute and Deqlan loves it. Thanks so much guys, that was very thoughtful of you - i know you have been following the blog and support our soldier for the longest time, thanks so much for all the prayers and support. We hope you had a lovely quad biking holiday!

Now, i am off to rest with my beautiful boy and can forget about any tests for the mean time and just enjoy each other and Christmas!

God Bless and lots of love to you all
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Anonymous said...

I will continue to lift Deqlan in prayer. Have a wonderful Christmas. The verse you posted at the end is also the one I have claimed for our sweet Charli Ann. What wonderful plans He has for all of us in 2008! No matter what they are it is so good to know He is there with us...always. God Bless you and your family. Charli Ann's Grandma Preister.

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are going to have a nice christmas and new year together sure you must be quite relieved, have a great one love Dale and Lisa xxx