Monday, March 22, 2010


Megs and Mark

Khloe's Dada and Mama to be

How gorgeous are these?

Thanks Mom for helping me make this day magical! We make a great team!
Samm and Meggie

Keaton helping us clean up!
Suzanne, Kerri ( with Phoebe on the way), Sam, Theresa and Meggie ( with Khloe on the way)
Keaton and Kai

Nan was very happy to be out for the afternoon to celebrate the anticipated arrival of her first great grandaughter
Gorgeous Kristen and her mommy Dalene
precious photo of Cole and Lisa
Meggie opened and opened and opened her pressies for Khloe. One of her friends suggested the reason that everyone was so generous was because Meggie is so generous to all of those she loves, how very true!

I met Mr Noah Christian Paul, only 2 and a half weeks old, to precious for words!

Khloe is going to be the most fashion concious little girl we have ever seen!

Lindsay and her tiny little man Johnathan , Sharon and her tiny little man Morgan- they were sitting next to the cd player which was left on repeat- The Nutcraker ballet music made all the babies sleep very well!

The gorgeous frame from Khloe's Oumie Sophie, her room theme is ballerina's!
Issie, Sophie and Wendy enjoying all the pink gifts - its the first girl in the Du Plessis family in over 70 years!

everybody say 'aaaahhhh'

Gorgeous Natalia - shame, i tried to make her laugh and first time ever made a baby cry!!! Sorry sweetheart!

T & Sam
Megs still opening and opening and opening....

Me and Nan, was lovely to have her there
Mom and Nan
Elizabeth, Coreen and Natalia, Leigh and Lorraine

Aunty Jen, T, Sam, Kerri, Suzanne and Christine
Kelly , Elizabeth, Coreen and Leigh

Nix, Mich and Nats

and opening and opening...

Kelly and Coreen

Claire and Dalene

Mom and Meggie

The beautiful cupcakes who specially had made , with ballerina slippers and a rose representing Khloe's second name, Rose!

The stunning Toybox Nix made for Khloe!!

Megs arriving

The stunning tribute Mom made for Khloe

My tribute to Megs and Khloe
Our Thank You gifts - "Sugar & spice and all things nice"

Bela and Joycie we helped us so nicely, baie dankie vir julle!

The gift basket Mom and I so lovingly created for Khloe and Megs
The stunning bibs we had made - thank you Aunty Beryl, they were beautiful!

The glass bubbles we specially and lovingly created, with a Rose and feather inside- we thought they were very special and looked so lovely!

Our ballerina gift basket - each gift chosen specifically and with so much love and excitment in mind - can you see the tiny ballet slippers?

We couldnt wait for Meggie to see what we had been up to - why we had to keep doors closed when she visited - why we were always out when she wanted to visit...
On Saturday, 20 March, Mom and I hosted Meggies surprise baby shower for Ms Khloe Rose.
Many , many months of planning and dedication and love were finally realised as the finishing touches were put into place before all the guests arrived.
We try to keep everything to pink and white, even down to the food! Even the guests wore the colours of the day and added to the ballerina sugar and spice theme, we so lovingly worked on.
Meggie was surprised, although she did have her suspicions! She got the most stunning presents , Khloe is definitely ready , with the most trendy, gorgeous, girly , wardrobe i have ever seen! We are so used to doing things in blue, it was so lovely to also experience things in pink!
Thank you so much to you, Meggies family and friends for joining us in celebrating the anticipated arrival of this already very loved, little girl, Thank you for showering Megs with your love and most beautiful, exquisite gifts - they are each loved and adored, and we took the whole of yesterday afternoon to go through each one again, and ooohhhh and ahhh all over again. From the tiniest , gorgeous shoes, to fairy outfits, to the most stunning dresses, and angels , Khloe has them all! And i know Meggie will think of each of you as she changes Khloe a hundred times a day to wear all the gorgeous outfits she recieved - thank you for making Meggies day so very very special!
I also want to say thank you to my Mom, who perfected EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of this wonderful day - each heart on the scrap page, every feather placed on the table, every bead placed on the glass bubbles. every word in your tribute to Khloe was done with the outmost of love - you wanted everything to be just perfect, and wow Mom, you did the most amazing job of making sure of that - well done Mom, you are amazing to say the least - as many of of our family and friends said on Saturday, we are blessed to have such a close family and such a loving relationship, we really are! Deqlan and Keaton are so blessed to have you as there Nanna, wow , Khloe has so much to look forward to! We love you so much Mom!
Thank you also to Dee and Lampson for all yoru help setting up! and Dee, thank you for all your help in everything you did to make mom and my visions come to life!
Thank you my love for all your help and watching Deqlan so i do what i needed to do and thanks Conrad for all your help in keeping this a big surprise and for watching Keaton!
Thank you Sophie for your beautiful tea cups, they really added the finishing touches!
Meggie, you look as beautiful as ever - each day seems to make you glow more! Even though some of the pregnancy hormones make their appearance, only every now and then, you still look as beautiful as ever. I am so very proud of you , and cant wait to see you welcome your beautiful little girl, that you have dreamed of and prayed for! May the remaining 7 weeks until Khloe's arrival, be fantastic , stress free, happy and healthy
Now, we wait for your Khloe Rose, we cant wait to see your beautiful face, and feel you in our arms, you are already loved so much little ballerina
God bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Elriza Paul said...

You guys went through such effort and I know Megs must've appreciated it a million! Every details was exquisitely looked after! What a beautiful celebration and we can't wait to meet your little niece!

Thanks again for a wonderful day!

God Bless

Nanna and Grandpa said...

My precious Samm,
My most loving thanks are due to YOU for all your wonderful ideas, creativity, help, support, encouragement, but above all love. Yeah, you "moaned" about my tendency to be a "perfectionist" and some days, it really got to you, but thank you for loving me so much that you knew just when to "bend" but also when you did not bend. Those times proved YOU were correct. It was an absolute privilege and honour to be able to be your partner in the planning of Meg's and Khloe's baby shower. I hope you were as delighted with the final product as I was. I feel so blessed to be your Mom and I love you immeasurably. God bless you, my very special Samm.
All my love,

Debbie said...

Beautiful and loving shower for Megs! I enjoyed the pictures so much I had to look thru them THREE times, lol. You all did a wonderful job, wish I could have seen Megs face when she saw each and every special gift. Love to all!
God Bless all and little Khloe!