Tuesday, March 16, 2010


keaton and ice eating our cake
hip hip hooray for conrad

keaton helping his dada blow out his candles - this was the best cake i have ever tasted - chocolate and cream and strawberries and more chocolate!

Kristen had an absolute ball opening her gifts, definitely enjoyed the wrapping paper and ribbon more then the gifts themselves

kristen picking inside our gift to her
Deqlan had an awesome time at the party, even sitting down at the party table!

Getting ready to blow the candles out

my heart nearly broke watching Deqlan stare at the cupcakes.He didnt try and take one, its like he knows what he cant eat..i just felt terrible he couldnt enjoy one...but i know what could happen if he eats it , so we will enjoy our healthy happy chatty guy and one day when your tummy can handle it my boy, you can have all the cupcakes in the world!
lovely pic of Dalene and Kristen the gorgeous birthday girl!

Deqlan playing muscial chairs, there were 6 or 7 chairs lined up against the wall and he had to try each and every single one out, and then decided it was more fun to run around anyway

Happy 1st Birthday Kristen!
Megs and Keaton
Keatie and Ice - he loves posing for photos and saying cheese!
My boy and I playing on the round a bout!
One of Deqlans new 'things' - he calls them '5 cds' and they come everywhere, to parties, to shops, to bath to sleep!
deqlan and Nanna on the round a bout- i think Nanna got very dizzy after a few turns around and around and around

Chris and his little girl Kristen

Deqlan and Keatie playing together and having fun! I knew they were going to have to enjoy playing together some time - i know they love each other so much!
Deqlan in action on the trampoline

Keaton feeding grandpa chips

told you they have started enjoying playing together, a little...

'come in captain keaton , this is captain grandpa' this is the cutest ever - Nanna taught Keaton this game of holding these shapes up to his ears and pretending to be a pilot!
'Come in Nanna!'
Had a lovely weekend ! Lots of Birthdays !
We joined Kristen and her parents Dalene and Chris at a lovely venue called Kings and Quenies in Johannesburg to celebrate her 1st Birthday! each party has its own venue in the venue with a lapa and trampoline, jumping castle, jungle gym and so much space to run and play! It also has a little farm with cows and horses and chicken and rabbits and both boys enjoyed seeing the animals -Deqlan payed the animals a lot more attention then what he normally would, cant wait to see how he enjoys the animals when we go to the midlands, especially the horses ' I SEE A HORSE'
I think Kristen had a lovely time and she got some gorgeous gifts! Deqlan was very excited at singing happy Birthday ( he also had 2 birthdays at school the day before) and after eveyone had sang their rendention of Happy Birthday to you Deqlan broke out into his! 'HAPPY TO YOU, HAPPY TO YOU,HIP HOORAY' It was to beautiful to see.... Thank you Kristen for a lovely party, thanks Chris and Dalene for having us, it was a lovely morning and thanks for going to so much effort with Deqlans party box and his requirements! It was a lovely day!
Deqlan had a lovely nap on the way home and then woke up to find Logan was visiting, so he was quite happy about that. We then headed off to Conrad and Megs and Keaton for the afternoon to celebrate his upcoming birthday with a lovely braai and divine cake and awesome company. it was awesome to see all three kids playing together , Keaton and Logan are best of friends as always, and Deqlan also joined in with them while having a very wet bath in Meggies spa bath! I think Megs is still mopping the water up, Deqlan splashed everywhere!
Sunday we went to Mass, and Grandpa and Mom were once again there as our sponsors -thank you both so much for coming with us and for leading us and guiding us on our confirmation journey, we are thrilled to be making our official confirmation in two weeks time, after 1 year of hard dedicated wanting to learn, thursday evenings!
I was so shocked to hear of another angel today, Connor Ross, passed away after fighting leukimia for only a short while, and landed up in icu with an infection. He was only 9 years old, please pray for Connor and his parents and family. We have to start finding cures..Please Lord
Please pray for my Grandad as he goes for a full physical work up tomorow , there are also concerns about his heart and circulation as well as diabetes. He will be going for bone scan, lung xray and liver tests on 22 March, then a plan will be confirmed for him. Please pray for the cancer to be frozen , not to cause any further harm and for any pain to disapear. Please lead us to the right plan for Grandpa Lord.
Sleep tight everyone, till tommorow
God Bless, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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