Friday, March 19, 2010

Football Friday

Fridays in South Africa have been declared Football Fridays , to increase the spirit for the Fifa soccer World Cup arriving in just over 80 days!
So workers and if kids are allowed and engouraged to wear Bafana ( the name of our soccer team) shirts on Fridays! Today was our families first official football Friday and we think Deqlan looked to gorgeous for words! I even taught him to say ' BAFANA BAFANA HEY!'
Mark also got his collection of soccer tops out last night and found his Liverpool top from 30 years ago - he was so proud to put it on Deqlan ! It was a very special moment and Deqlan looked lovely in it, although many in our family would have liked it to be a Manchester United top!
Deqlan has had a little temperature going the last 2 nights and his sinuses looked blocked - we took him to the doctor who says his right ear is the cause -we going to keep an eye on it and hopefully can get away without giving antibiotics. Please pray his little body can fight this and that he feels lots better soon!
Otherwise, Deqlan is doing so well and saying almost everything we say - he is even trying to string his own sentences together and succeeding with our help - 'BEACH, I PLAY AT THE BEACH' 'SEA. I SWIM IN THE SEA' Both hopefully can be used with delight when we go down to the midland and hopefully the sea for a day or so!
Hope you all have a great weekend, its a long one here in South Africa, so we look forward to spending 3 whole days enjoying each others company, without traffic and rushing around to much!
God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,mark and Deqlan ,Bev aand family.
Tghinking and praying for Deqlan that the Lord will restore and heal him .
Lots of love to you all

Nanna and Grandpa said...

Our beautiful and precious Deqlan,

How big and grown up you look in these amazing & adorable photos Mamma took of you last Football Friday. You radiate such love and joy with your dazzling and gorgeous smile. You are adorable. Your progress every single day on every level is simply ............astonishing and is further evidence that God continues to work miracles through you and for you. Mamma and Dadda and all of us are so very proud of you and are humbled by you, "Little Man of Prayer". Mamma and Dadda have waited such a loooong time, never giving up or giving anything less than their very best, believing, trusting, hoping, and in faith knowing, with every fibre of their being, that in your own perfect time, your incredible potential, strength, skills and abilities would unfold and be revealed. How wonderful and how precious and how "sweet" is their reward now. These are the rewards of patience, faith, hope, love, devotion, commitment and sacrifice. There are just no words to describe the feelings that we have felt,witnessing Deqlan, throughout the day today. We are aware that something truly majestic and great has been revealed. We humbly thank our Great and Mighty God and to Him be all the praise and glory. May God continue to bless Mamma, Dadda and Deqlan so abundantly that their "cups overflow with His blessings and gifts". Today has given us so many wonderful moments with you our darling Deqlan, but two incredible ones deserve special mention and they will forever be engraved in my memory. The first, during our celebration of Conrad's birthday breakfast at the restuarant, you came to sit at the table, on a chair next to Nanna on the one side, Mamma on the other and Dadda opposite you and gracefully sipped your rice milk and ate your special biscuit. It was a glorious moment, we smiled together and revelled being in the experience and bathed in the glory of the moment. You sat like a such a big boy for quite a long time, allowing us to take "mental photos" of this gigantic leap of progress. We were all delighted and felt so very proud of you. The second moment was just before dinner at Meg, Conrad and Keaton's home when we witnessed you and Keaton playing together on the Thomas The Tank Engine "Play Doughnut" and for the first time ever, you and Keaton were hugging and kissing each other, laughing together. The miracle continues...............! Nanna and Grandpa are blessed by you beyond words or description and our love for you is immeasurable. You are pure joy, you are indescribable delight, you are "OUR" precious Deqlan Ross and you represent and personify all that is beautiful, extraordinary, great and good in this world.
All our love, Nanna and Grandpa