Monday, March 8, 2010

Our bilingual Deqlan

Deqlan the mechanic
Deqlan thought it would be fun to stick his fingers in the threading of the garage door, that is full of oil. He took it a step further by smearing it all over his face, his legs and his tummy. When Dada picked him up to go and wash him off, he took his hand and wiped it alllll along the walls in the way to the bathroom! I thoroughly enjoyed this and so did Deqlan - when he saw himself in the mirror he gave the naughtiest laugh and grin, to damn cute!

Dada Deqlan and Mama at the CANSA Shavathon- as always, very emotional to be there
My precious, precious Deqlan Ross, Cancer survivor, thank You Lord!

Of course green was the colour of choice and Mama had a star done as has become tradition!
Meggie and Keatons turn! they tapped Keaton having his hair done, so who knows, he could be a tv star! Keep your eyes open on SABC 2 , i think..
Dada's turn
Our gorgeous survivor and reason for all we do, Deqlan Ross
Deqlan showing Nanna the logos on the poster, he loves to use our finger to point as we say the logos VODACOM, FNB, SABC 2 etc

Keaton and Meggie waiting their turn

Great turn out! Keaton and Deqlan had a great time running around in circles to the music in between the people, not sure if they thought it was so great..but we loved watching the boys have so much fun together

Dada and Deqlan in his brazil soccer kit!!

We had a great weekend - it started off a little stuffy for me, started get sick on Wednesday night and by Thursday morning i already knew it was time for antibiotics already - got some medicine for upper respiratory tract infection. I was particulary worried about Deqlan picking it up from me - i really felt dreadful and had to blow my nose every 2 minutes. Thank Our Lord Deqlans immune system held its own and he didnt get sick! I am feeling better today and trust i am on the mend!

Saturday morning we went off to support the CANSA shavathon - as always a very emotional event for me. I just continue to say THANK YOU GOD as i have my hair sprayed with Deqlan sitting on my lap. I say please Lord lead us to the cure for cancer. Please look after all the warriors around the world, all the survivors to forever remain NED and for the angels and their families, that continue to make such a big difference. It was very touching to see tons and tons of people supporting this cause, by spraying their hair and lots brave enough to shave their heads, well done to you all, and thank you Nanna, Meggie and Keaton for joining us again.
This year another 'reason' was added to our list in doing this - My precious Grandad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We are very heart sore about this and ask you to please join us in praying for him. Mom and Grandpa will go and see the urologist next week to make plans for treatment, which will probably be along the lines of hormone therapy to slow it down, but has plenty of side effects and not good for patients wit diabetes , which Grandpa has...please pray for the right plan to be put into place and for the cancer to freeze in its tracks and never cause Grandpa any pain or discomfort. Grandpa is optimistic and continues to show his absolute trust and faith in Our Lords plan for him
Saturday afternoon we went on the hunt to find Deqlan a Bafana soccer shirt , but EVERYWHERE is sold out, so we are hoping more come in soon! Deqlan slept only at 3pm and woke up after 1830!!! So we were up till midnight on Saturday night, but Deqlan kep us entertained with his abc's and counting and new words and sentences- just thinking back to how he was a year ago, to now, is an absolute gift and blessing from above.
Sunday we went to mass were Grandpa and Mom were our sponsors during a very special blessing on our confirmation class. It was very important to have Grandpa there he is another reason Megs and I decided to get confirmed last year.
The hunt for the Bafana top continued after Mass, still none in sight, but Deqlan had a fabulous time walking through a massive fountain outside Sportmans Warehouse, the wetter he got the bigger the smile, the harder the jet shot at his head, the more he wanted - Dada and i just laughed at our gorgeous water loving boy - we will have to think about going there again in winter....bbbbrrrrr
Deqlan fell asleep in the car on the way home, and had a lovely 2 hour nap. When he woke up he decided to go and make sure our garage door was working properly..when i went to look for him, i found Deqlan with a smile on his face, covered in grease from head to toe - when i lifted him to see himself in the mirror, he laughed and smiled at himself. After scrubbing numerous times and soaking for many minutes, we still couldnt get it all off. I had to write in Deqlans diary not to be alarmed at the black marks everywhere!
Deqlan gave us a beautiful gift last night - a few in fact ...we discoverd he can count in ! I couldnt believe my ears ! H ecan count 1 - ten in Afrikiaans, so beautiful. He learnt this from Hopla ( remember Deqlan fans, the programme i have spoken about many times)
Then before going to sleep, Deqlan started saying a whole lots of words, one after the other
APPLE, BUS, CAR, DANCE, EAT, FINGERS, GREEN, HUG, ICE CREAM, JAR, KEY ETC...Do you see the pattern hear? Now, instead of just saying the alphabet , he is saying the items associated with each letter!! WOW WOW WOW ....
Must dash, hear my big guy waking from his nap, have a great evening!
God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

Hey my friend. Loved your update today. Deqlan is such a clever boy!!!! Please give him a massive hug from us. Love you guys stax xxxx Love Sam (and family) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark ,Deqlan,Bev and family,
Thinking and praying for you all at this time and especially your Grandfather .
The lord has given this scripture for you all;
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
LOve Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark ,Deqlan,Bev and family,
Thinking and praying for you all at this time and especially your Grandfather .
The lord has given this scripture for you all;
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
LOve Ruth xxx