Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boston Deqlan

Think waaayyy back to a particular Survivor series , featuring 'Boston Rob' . Rob and Amber, the contestant that won the series, eventually got married, i think? Anyway, he spoke with a very interesting accent that is apparently unmistakenly from Boston in the USA.

Meet "Boston Deqlan" everyone! You might hear of some kids on the autism spectrum learning to speak or recite entire movies from tv or dvds - they also tend to pick up the accents ! Well, when Deqlan is watching Thomas or wanting to tell us something about Thomas, he is British "oh bother!' When Deqlan is saying words or sentences or referring to the Love and Learn dvds, he is American, Boston American ( if there is such a term!) ' Caf" for calf, like a baby cow 'ZEEBRA' for zebra 'BEER' for bear - oh he keeps us laughing all day long

Deqlan has also started talking in his sleep, one moment we will hear ' BUMBLE BEE' the next counting in Afrikaans 'EEN, TWEE , DRIE, VIER, VYF, SES, SEBE, AG, NEGIE, TIEN! YAY'

This morning Mark walked into our room to say goodbye before he left for work and Deqlan said 'I LOVE YOU' then 'DADDDAAA' to precious and beautiful for words. Mark said the other day, he waited a loonnggg time to hear Deqlan say Dada, our hearts sing with joy each time he says it, in fact EVERY SINGLE WORD is celebrated and i try to remember them all - thats why i use the blog to makes notes of them all. WE ARE ELATED AND BLESSED FOR EVERY SINGLE WORD.

unfortunately, so many kids on the spectrum or non verbal, they will never speak, but thankfully learn to communicate with other alternative means of communication from ipods to PECS ( A picture exchange system) to sign language to machines that talk what is typed in by the user. I have seen many documentaries about individuals with autism that are not verbal, the poetry and beautiful way of talking through these methods is astounding.

April is Autism awarness month and we will be starting the celebrations last week of March , as thats when school breaks up. I dont know how Deqlan is going to feel not going to school for a few weeks, but we sure will be thrilled to have him at home for the entire day! Have lots planned for our blog to create awareness and i hope you will all help me!

We are delighted again to be going to the Midlands this year , after Easter weekend, as Megs and I will be getting confirmed Easter Saturday , so we will leave Easter Sunday for the mountains with Nanna and Grandpa. Meggie and Conrad and Keaton wont be joining us this time, as its very close to Miss Khloe's due arrival, so doctors orders are to stay in the vacinity! WE WILL MISS THEM TERRIBLY, but know next year we will have an extra family member come with us! CANT WAIT!!!

Cant wait for Deqlan to run in the mountains and be in the fresh air and to see if he actually says 'I SEE A HORSE' when he see's the horses!!! And that its not just scripting

I am also hoping we can get down to the sea, man oh man, would Deqlan love to run through the waves and eat the sand and run for miles on the beach, hold thumbs i cant convince Dada..perhaps a trip to Ushaka Marine world to see my beloved dolphins...maybe i am pushing it, will let you know what i get right!!

Deqlan has been giving us lots of clues that he isnt only scripting but understanding and relating to the words he is saying - like last night - seeing an ad on tv for sunglasses - he said 'sunglasses'

I got Deqlan a gorgeous little Thomas scooter today ( thanks for telling me about it Megs) and when i took it out the boot in great anticpation of Deqlans reaction, he said ' BICYCLE' for the first time ever - ' YES MY BOY, IT DOES LOOK LIKE A BICYCLE!' Then he looked at the box and said ' BOX' . wow, Deqlan you amaze us every single day my boy!

Candice tells me Deqlan had another great day at school -they did number matching, and Deqlan can do it till 10!!!! So proud of you big boy!

Another highlite of today was saying 'i love you' to me and Nanna!! Both Keaton and Deqlan have chosen this week to say this words , with meaning and understanding, thank You Lord, how blessed we are!


Well, let me run for now, nearly home time, hope you are all very well, enjoy the evening and let us know how you are

God Bless, lots of love

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan




Will's Dad said...

That is one smart boy you have!!

Vicki said...

In Boston speak, he's a "wicked smaht" boy :)

Nanna and Grandpa said...

My precious Samm, Mark and Deqlan,
A philosopher once wisely stated that at “some moments in life are worth waiting for”. Their value can never be adequately estimated nor their worth ever sufficiently magnified. Through your deep faith and devotion to the Lord, you have all have been victorious in every challenge He has ever presented to you. You have been “good servants”, diligently and without question “sowing your seeds of belief, faith and love” and NOW, at last, you are reaping, with joy and love immeasurable, the HARVEST of all your labour, efforts, love, sacrifices and devotion. Deqlan’s truly amazing, current and steady progress on every level, is exceptional. How blessed we are we to bear witnesses to this “unfolding” of enormous ability, intelligence, talent and skills. These developments are not only evident to us, his loving family, but also to the teachers at “Little Leaps” who are in wonder of Deqlan’s innate potential and the manifestation of that in reality.
After my blog entry yesterday sharing the joy of Keaton saying “I love you” to Mamma Megan, today I am compelled to write another to Mamma Samm. Today, I was blessed over and over and over again ! I witnessed Deqlan saying “I love you” to Samm and I witnessed her joy, pride and delight and how beautiful that was to see. Samm also shared that earlier this morning, Deqlan also said these precious three words to Dadda Mark. I can only imagine Mark’s reaction and sense his immense love and pride. THIS IS THE MOMENT in a parent's life that is unforgettable and treasured for all eternity, recorded for all time !!!!! Those extraordinary, magnificent and all powerful words "I LOVE YOU" from your beautiful and adorable Deqlan for the VERY FIRST TIME, can only be compared to a little piece of heaven here on earth. These are the moments that become engraved in our memories and each time we recall them, we experience the same wonderful emotions all over again. Samm and Mark, you both SO deserve those precious words from your adorable Deqlan, so let your senses, heart and spirits bathe in the glory of exceptional moments like these. How Deqlan’s beautiful little voice, with his unique pronunciation of all the words, resonates to the core and depths of one's being, providing the soul and spirit of a Mamma like you and a Dadda like Mark, with almost sacred nutrition and sustenance. It is indeed a humbling moment, where our love for beautiful, precious Deqlan truly overwhelms us and compels us to fall to our knees in thanksgiving, praise and honour to an Almighty God for His blessing of calling you to be Deqlan’s parents and we to be his family.
Deqlan, yet another cherished blessing came to Nanna today, when we had said our prayers and sang our songs before your afternoon nap. Nanna said “I love you Deqlan” and YOU RESPONDED with gorgeous eye contact and said to me “I love you”. After kissing and hugging you ever so closely as my immediate response, I closed my eyes (which had welled up with tears of joy) for just a moment and I said “THANK YOU GRACIOUS ALMIGHTY GOD” for one of the best gifts in my life. THANK YOU DEQLAN for this honor and privilege. I shall always remember the moment. My precious Deqlan, it’s time to share with you that I am indeed witnessing your “flashes of brilliance”. I have always believed that YOU, Deqlan, are destined for great things in this life, that God has a very special purpose for YOU and that you are to continue to be the glorious testament to and personification of His miracles in this modern age. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE, my darling. May God continually embrace, enfold and envelop you in His love, promises, joy and mercy and may He always light, guard, rule and guide you.
With all my immeasurable love,

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