Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, thats it, Deqlans first term of school done! We recieved the most gorgeous works of art, a book created all about Deqlan and his adventures at school, as well as his Individual Education Programme.

At the beginning of the year Ash gave us Deqlans intended IEP for the term , on what she wanted to achieve with him. I am thrilled to report that most of the items were accomplished ! Ash goes on to say that she has hope for a great future for Deqlan and that he has exceeded expectations for ' neuro typical ' 3 year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We couldnt be more delighted, more proud, more grateful, more elated with his wonderful report - i look very forward to sharing it with those of you who would like to see it! Will try and see what i can get on the blog for you to enjoy!

They even had the Easter bunny visit today and a Birthday party for Ash and Florie!!! Happy birthday to two very special ladies, thank you for all you do for Deqlan and for all the love and care and dedication and patience and potential you see in our Deqlan and all the other boys you love and look after!

So , here starts Easter Holidays, its going to be awesome to have Deqlan with us all day every day , but i think he is definitely going to miss his beloved Little Leaps these 3 weeks, Ash, Candice, Florie, Caroline and all his buddies, especially Tebogo, his new BFF.

Tebogo is 6 and has Aspergers - he is a delightful boy, such beautiful manners , so friendly. He loves WWE - like as in the wrestlers - so guess what Deqlans new words are ' WWE - SUPERSTARS"

Guess what Tebogo has started doing ? ' 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!!' I wonder who he couldve gotten that from ha ha ha ha ha

So lovely to see this relationship developing!

If you recall Deqlan wasnt 100% well last week - well, the last two nights, esp last night he has been so so frustrated - he has been taking our hand to his head as if to show us its sore - he doesnt want to eat, just drink and drink...the doctor visit we had at ten last night didnt satisfy as with an answer us to why Deqlan was continuously crying- so off we went to our trusted regular doctor this morning who confirmed our suspicsions of a sinus infection. So we have Deqlan on antibiotics and cortisone and and and , and hopefully he will start eating and feeling much better soon!

Dada and Uncle Conrad and Uncle Ivan are away for the weekend so i am sure alot of ours will be spent with Grandpa and Nanna and Meggie and Keaton, which we are looking very forward to. I do think Deqlan is going to start asking for Dada any moment and i hope he is happy with just Mama and him this weekend! Hope you all enjoy the break away, have an awesome time boys and be good!!!

Oh yes, great news for my Grandad, it seems that the prostate cancer hasnt spread anywhere else, Praise Our Lord, which is a great surprise to the doctors and an anwer to our prayers , thank You Lord - we will hear in the next few weeks about the game plan, but a definite hip replacement is in the cards to...

Have a great weekend everyone, please continue the prayers for Deqlan and for him to feel better and get over this infection and for all the cancer warriors, angels and survivors around the world

God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

Hey my friend

I look forward to seeing Deqlan's report when we come home :-) Give him a big well done kiss from all of us. Love you lots

Sam xxxxx

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