Monday, April 6, 2009

Prayers for Will and Kate

Hi Deqlans prayer army

We need to ask you for more prayers tonight for two very special friends

Will Lacey - has been admitted to the icu with viral mouth sores , a croup like cough and a very high fever. They are watching his air ways and monitoring him very closely. Please pray for Will to recover asap so that he can be ready for his next round of new chemo and be ready and waiting for his brand new 2nd baby sister to arrive in the next few weeks . The Laceys are such a lovely family and such an inspiration to us all. Praying for you all and positive Will is going to get better in no time at all!

Please also pray for our dear friend Kate, who is two years from diagnoses of neuroblastoma - she has a week full of scans and blood and other tests to confirm she still remains NED - please pray for fantastic results and for Kate to remain NED always! Look forward to hearing great news Karen! www.caringbridge/visit/katejacobs

Kates mom and Aunt have taken on an adventure of a lifetime - but this adventure has the most wonderful purpose and i know is going to be a huge success! Go and wish Karen good luck and follow their journey! From Kates site:

"I'm afraid we've found something serious."
I will never forget hearing those six words on the afternoon of April 4th, 2007. The doctor sat down next to me on the floor of Kate's hospital room. I had been sitting there trying to get her to play with me. She was so sick and in a lot of pain. I remember that I started to cry. Just seconds later was the first time I ever heard the word Neuroblastoma.
I'd like to help ensure that every parent who hears that word from now on doesn't have to fear it as much as I did on that painful day.
In the two years that have passed since Kate's diagnosis I continue to be amazed and frustrated by the very low levels of funding that go towards pediatric cancer research. Similarly, not enough money goes towards the development of new, better and less toxic treatments. That's where my next awareness and fundraising effort PADDLING FOR A CURE comes in.
This May, my Aunt Maryellen and I will paddle raft the entire length of the Grand Canyon over two weeks time. It's over 250 miles and we will cross more than 100 rapids, including the wildest navigable water in North America. We'll sleep on the shore of the Colorado river at night and raft it by day. Make no mistake - this will be a wonderful adventure although I admit I'm not sure how I will handle two weeks without my kids - or a shower! We're doing all of this to help directly pay for the development of a new treatment for Neuroblastoma.
PADDLING FOR A CURE will benefit the Band of Parents. I stand proudly as a member of this non-profit organization. We are a group of parents who are sponsoring the development of several new treatment options for Neuroblastoma. Many members of the Band have children in active treatment and are desperately waiting for these new treatments in the hope of saving their own kids. This is about as grassroots as it gets. I am not exaggerating when I say that your dollar(s) may make the real difference between life and death for some of these kids.
Please join me in fighting back against this horrible disease. I will be touched, honored and energized to have the names of my friends, family and supporters on the sponsorship roll and I promise a lot of pictures and stories upon my return. I intend to dedicate each day of paddling to at least one survivor, one angel and one warrior battling Neuroblastoma. Please sign the guestbook to let me know if you have a child you would like me to dedicate a day of paddling to. I will return with a picture from each child's day to share.
Please also know that donating through First Giving is secure and all proceeds will go directly to the Band of Parents. First Giving charges a very small processing fee which Matt and I will offset by matching 10% of all donations made on the site up to the first $10,000 raised.
If you are able to contribute ANY amount to help the Band of Parents fund the new treatment, please visit my fundraising page at
Now we just need to get through Kate's scans. First up is Monday's physical with the oncologist, blood draw, urine test and hearing exam. We'll keep everyone posted with the results as we get them!
Hugs to all of you!

Thank you for all your prayers for Nan, just got a text from my Mom saying the nurses say she continues to improve and her pain definitely improving, thank you , please continue the prayers, they are working

Sleep tight, God Bless you all
All our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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