Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My first appletizer in 6 weeks, gave it up for lent, along with crisps!
The stunning cross my mom created especially for Easter morning!

we stayed in a different unit this year as the unit we normally stayed in is getting upgraded! we were very happy with our units which had interleading doors and jacuzzi baths- the biggest i have ever seen! It was also great to have 2 kitchens and two tv rooms so that Deqlans food could be prepared without worrying about other food contaminating it and he could watch his dvds to his hearts delight! Oh, i did i mention the magnificent view, horses just 10 steps from our back door, and the most beautiful view of the valley from our front porch, stunning, we love Saddle and Trout and the Midlands!

The magestic horses
Deqlan fell in love with Conrads Toyota 4 x 4. Every chance he would get he would run to the car and touch all the letters so carefully and lovingly and then run to each tyre, carefully touching the toyota badge on each tyre. Deqlan still does this with most cars, but Toyota is the definite favorite at the moment!

The stunning top Megs has made for Logs - Gods little disciple!
Deqlan got one to ! How stunning!
let the hunt begin!
let me go Dad!
Deqlans Easter goodies! I found sugar free candy, and filled the easter eggs with sugar free sweets, but Deqlan didnt really take to them...but he loves his book and underwater sea creatures! He LOVES dolphins and whales!
Happy Easter Morning Keaton and Meggie
The spectacular view on Easter Morning
Mama and Deqlan enjoying the Telly Tubbies ! Telly Tubbies are a firm favorite at the moment, Deqlan really enjoying them!
Wild Child Keaton!
I think the most stunning photo of Logan and Keaton. They are absolute best friends and love each other to bits
Keaton in his Thomas gown - Deqlan loved this gown and actually took it away to play with so Keaton only got it back in the morning!
What Deqlan does Keaton does, or tries to do!

Deqlan holding onto all the Thomas goodies Debbie sent from the UK. Thanks so so much guys for being so sweet and kind and thoughtful cant wait to see everything out ! The banner and balloons are going to look stunning!
Keaton playing in Nanna's water fountain! Dont get wet Keaton Meggie says!
Logan enjoying the easter festivities at Centurion Mall , before we went to the Midlands
Have you ever seen someone sleeping standing up straight - well, here is Mr Deqlan . He slept standing up for 20 minutes! Shame, so cute!

Deqlan enjoying his favorite pastime throwing sand and rocks and filtering through his fingers! It really enhightens his senses!
Keaton and Deqlan enjoying watching the dam at Centurion Mall
Here i am !

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Debbie said...

Only a pleasure.....pity i could not get more goddies but will still see what i can get before Sept!!!!! Got to love planning a kiddies birthday party!!!!

Think i had more fun at Jayden´s Superman party than he did!!!!!

Keep well, big hug to Deqlan!!!!