Friday, April 3, 2009


Two gifts, Deqlan and Keaton
congratulations smiley boy!

Nanna, Meggie and Keaton

Oumie, Meggie and Keaton

check this outfit out, he looked to cute for words!
yes, a fountain, and rocks!
yay! a tunnel!
Deqlan and Keaton watching the ducks
Deqlan watching the 'kuck kucks'
Keaton loving his balloons!
Deqlan and Keaton playing peek a boo in the back of my car, a favorite place for them both at the moment!

Deqlan loving the fountain at Irene farm
running running everywhere!

Nanna and Deqlan with the Autism awareness balloon
This is for you and all your friends my boy!

Up , up and away...

Deqlan releasing his balloon

Me and my beautiful boy

We love Balloons! Yesterday we released a blue balloon for World Autism day and attached our messages to the ribbon!

Today, we got to give Mr Keaton John congratulations balloons as he graduated from Moms and Babes - a loely ceremony was planned and we were all so proud to watch Keaton walking around in the most adorable outfit ever. We cant believe how quickly time has gone , that Keaton has now graduated and officially moving to Moms and Tots! We so proud of you Keaton and its an honor to watch you bloom amd grow into the most gorgeous little guy,we love you very much !!
The venue was really lovely and it had a huge sand pit - 10 points, a fountain - 10 points, stones to throw in the fountain - 5 points - a bridge to run over - 5 points, ducks, 3 points - so all in all it scored an A with Deqlan - he had such a wonderful time, especially in the sand, he really loved every minute of being there ! We plan on going back really soon!

We saw Nats on Wednesday to have some tea and cake before Ms Abi arrives, was lovely to see you Nats - the boys had a ball running around, especially Deqlan, and yes there was a fountain!

Rhenda - wanted to say we glad for the scan results and pray that the next scans are more improved then ever - cant leave you a message on the caring bridge site for some reason?

Have a lovely weekend everyone
God Bless lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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