Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Throwing NED stones into the lake with Nanna and Dada
Mama, Nanna and Deqlan enjoying the water - if Deqlan couldve jumped in he woudlve, check my hand holding his jersey, just in case..

Love this photo -yes, you took it my love ( we always argue who take the better pictures between Mark and I)
Morning Smiley Boy!
Kisses for Dad
Logan making wishes on dandelions
Love this photo of Logan

this one to!
Logan and Deqlan racing each other up the drive way! Logan runs so fast, we struggle to keep up - i cant keep up and Deqlan is not for behind! They are so quick!
Keaton and his keys - you leave them , he will find them !
Deqlan enjoying one of his Thomas books. There is a stunning little book shop in the midlands with the most stunning selection of Thomas books - Deqlan got about 6 from Dada and Grandpa and Nanna - he LOVES them -specific pages are definitely favorites and he will look through the entire book to find his favorite page - then leave it on that page - and come back again to make sure its still open on the page!
Yes, you took this one to my love....

How gorgeous is this photo?
Me and my beautiful boy enjoying the golf hole - the kids love running on the perfect grass, playing with the flag and putting the ball in the hole, i dont think there is any other golf course that would allow this hey!
Megs and Mom enjoying the gorgeous weather -we had the best weather ever this year - only had 1 very cold day

This is Deqlans favorite new Thomas book
Chilling with Dad
Logan and Meggie camping in the cool tent from Grandpa
Deqlan and Logan - very rare to get them both together, standing still in a photo!
The beautiful view from the front of the house - God is the most perfect painter - its truly so beautiful in this part of South Africa
We went to chocolate heaven for lunch on Easter Sunday - enough said! It was stunning -we got to dip the most amazing things into pure belgian white and brown chocolate - our favorite was the strawberries, cheese ( yes , you will be amazed how devine cheese and chocolate taste) strawberries, chillies, biltong - it was stunning - we went back several times...the white chocolate hearts with litchis in the middle were the definite winner!
Nanna enjoying her first glass of coldrink in 6 weeks - she gave this up for lent and anyone who knows my mom knows this was a big sacrifice - moms loves her cola! Well done Mom!
Yay! I found a mole hill to throw sand from!
Enjoying the horses with my boy on Easter Sunday - actually Deqlan was interested in the horses at all. but liked the wide open spaces to run, and of course, the sand!
Keaton on the Easter egg hunt
Logan waiting to go for a horse ride on Mischka - she visted Mischka ever day to feed her and rub her - Logan had an absolute ball!

Logans Easter project - she painted rocks and put a cross on them and then wrote little notes to everyone saying " Jesus is your rock" How sweet?


Debbie said...

Stunning photos! I posted today also about our Easter celebrations, but you put mine to shame, lol. I had to look at all your pictures TWICE this time, some of them really took my breath away. So glad you all had such a nice holiday-Deqlan is so sweet in all the pics (I love the one of you holding his shirt to keep him from jumping in the water) Good job on the lenting as well. We are having our Thomas party this Saturday-must be a trend with all our little guys! :)

Debbie & Connor

Lisa Reid said...

Wow what amazing photies, Deqlan and Logan definitely look like brother and sister hey? Glad you had a great weekend away but now all I want is chocolate and cheese hehe : )

Ferreira Family said...

The pictures are amazing.. Looks like you guys had a great time.. Lots of love to your special boy..