Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Urgent prayers

my pc is still broken and i am using conrads pc to send this very urgent prayer request to you all

firstly for ruan - the doctors think that his stem cell transplant did not work and he is now throwing up and passing blood - ruan needs a miracle and i ask you to prayer very very hard for this little guy we have been praying for such a long time - it can go either way at this stage but he needs a miracle. please also pray for strength and courage for his very tired and upset mommy , yolandie and his devoted grandparents

please also pray for baby declan who is suffering terrible side effects from the radiation he has just completed. he now starts chemo again this week, please pray that the side effects disapear and that this treatment destroys every single last cell that is not supposed to be there!

please also pray for xin xin, in china, fighting high risk neuroblastoma in horrific pain- so much so they are wanting to do an epdirual for pain relief.

will be in touch real soon, we are loving the sea and not really wanting to come back home, but we got to get 2009 off to a bang! God Bless, lots of love to you all


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Anonymous said...

Dearest Samm and family,

A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all too!! You are certainly starting it of well with your holiday at the sea - keep on enjoying every moment and we look forward to the pics. It is so lovely knowing that Logan and Deqlan are playing together at last and your family is complete again - what a blessing!!

We will continue to pray and pray for Declan and Ruan and all the other precious warriors fighting diseases. We pray God's grace and peace and strength for them and their families.

Enjoy the last bit of your break before getting back to the grindstone... and please travel safely!

Tons of love and hugs,
Dave, Karen, Jordan and Dylan xx:-)