Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hello Everyone!

I am now typing my first post from my very new, very sophisticated, very snazzy, very quick and quiet laptop! Its now got vista instead of xp on so i am still figuring a lot out and battling with small little things like printing , but i will get my very well educated hubby to show me how to find the things i cant find !

i know, i know, i owe you all so many updates , and will start each one as i get a moment, but have lots of work to catch up on and sort out so i promise all in good time ! You can be sure to enjoy two very special installments tomorow - 16 Jan 2009 marks a magical day in our family - 1 year Deqlan has been NED and our smiley boy Keaton will be turning 1 tommorow to!

Logan had her first day at grade 2 yesterday and she seems to be very fond of her new teacher! We are going to see her the weekend so we will get a full run down on the new person in Logans life, i am sure!

We went to see Dr Lindenberg, the defeat autism now doctor, and we are so thrilled with her and all the ideas we are going to try - i need a llloonnnggg post to tell you all the ins and outs of this to, so keep checking in!

I need to ask you all a huge favor , seeing i lost all my contacts in my email address book I need to ask you all to please drop my an email just so i can save all of your addresses again. To Our Circle of Moms group, please do the same, as i only have a few i knew at the top of my mind! please email to or . I will really appreciate you all helping me out like this and thank you in advance!

be in touch very soon! God Bless Love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Kate Perschon said...

All this time I've been reading Deqlan's blog and never figured out how to leave you a message. Goes to show how sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult... Wouldn't you know I've looked over this site over and over and also been to other people's blogspots and never thought I could leave a message! Anyway, always thinking of you and hoping you're all having a great day (well, night)!
Kate Perschon

adrian au said...

Happy 1st NED Anniversary to Deqlan! Wishing you have many more to come....
Samm, you are just amazing of keeping track of important dates like this one. Cheers,
Jenn & Adrian

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark,Deqlan,Bev and family,
Thinking of you and praying for you all .
Just keep trusting the Lord ,and hold on to His promosis He gave you.
Love to you all
Ruth xxx