Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Scottburgh Holiday

finally after 3 weeks of trying to get the tooth out, Logan just pulled it out on 9 Jan!

now its your turn Mama

Deqlan took a great liking to this couple playing with a ball and bat on the beach and he tried to play with them for 15 minutes and eventually i had to take him away screaming cause he wanted to stay and play!
Brother and sister chilling in the sand Logs and I
Deqlan and me
dada and Deqlan - he really didnt want to go home!
Logan and Dad on our last visit to the beach before coming home
the most stunning photo of just Deqlan and Logan- i had to take the photo real quick as you know, Deqlan doesnt sit still!
us three!
Deqlan and Mama
Good as gold, for at least a minute or 2!
our boy sin blue on one of our shopping trips to the scottburgh mall
walking around croc world, Logan had an absolute ball, Bev gave her a great lesson on crocodiles before we went so she was very prepared
swimming buddies

Conrad and Logs going for swim - well at least trying to, the sea was way to rough that people were only allowed to get knee deep, we saw several people being silly and baywatch scenes playing out in front of us!
The best place to sleep, on the beach , with the cool ocean breeze, the sound of the sea, on my mamas lap...

instead of a dummy , Deqlan took a real liking to Logans shoes, there is a plastic bit at the back that he loves to suck on, and this actually put him to sleep!
sleep time
i cant believe i actually got mark to smile for a photo so i had to put this on!
i love this photo, pure joy
the spectacular view from Sophies house! thank you so much Sophie for letting us enjoy your beautiful home, we cant wait to go again
Logs shoe in Deqlan mouth, again!
what a beautiful day, what a stunning holiday
my boys
best friends
how grown up has Logan gotten? What a lovely personality she has, so caring and thoughtful
taking Dad for a walk, we couldnt actually put our towels and stuff fast enough, as soon as we got to the beach, Deqlan would grab our hands and just pull us to get into the sea- he has no fear for the sea, its a definite love, my little surfer boy!

Deqlan was delighted to find this train ride at the local shopping centre. He kept wanting to go back and even tried to get another little girl off the ride so he could go again!

enthralled with Teletubbies eating tubby toast, one of Deqlans favorite dvds
i think my favorite photo ever of Logan and Mark

Deqlan has really warmed up to Logan and even went to her a few times to grab her by the hand to sit her together with Mark and I - he understands the four of us are a unit and we should all sit together, to sweet to see

keaton enjoying Logans jet ski
im still hungry Mom!
smiley boy and me!
Keaton really became best friends with Logan - they love each other and his entire face lights up when he sees her, they had loads of fun together and i am sure loads more to come. Logan is fantastic with him and walked everywhere with him and tried to make him laugh every moment of every day

our family
i could ask for nothing more.....

tired boy!
the kids enjoying building castles, actually the boys enjoying eating sand
idols promoting the new season at Scottburgh beach, i was tempted to give it a go, but changed my mind,my throat wasnt warmed up properly! ha ha ha ha

enjoying the beach, you can see how muddy the sea was - from all the rain, the rivers flowing into the sea, bringing lots of mud with it, another day of not swimming!
please meggie help me get this tooth out, i want the tooth fairy to come while we are on holiday! meggie really tried, every night....
Keaton LOVED this tap and hosepipe
how gorgeous is this smiley boy?

Conrad giving Deqlan a good tickling
keaton 'the hosepipe boy' takes on deqlan the 'tubby toaster'
Uncle Ken giving Keaton a good tickle
a beckham in the making?

a family celebration! Uncle Ken, Aunty Jen & Jeran stayed in Umhlanga over the holidays and came through to celebrate Christmas, The New Year and of course jerans great matric results, was womderful to see them at our home away from home
Aunty Jen enjoying some 'tea'!
Jeran playing with Keaton - i tell you my cousin is amazing with kids, he loves them , but i think they love him more!Jeran , i told you , you can move in with me anyday!
Been there, broken that!

Aunty Jen and Keaton

our singing surfer boy
what bliss, Keaton would have stayed here the entire day if we let him
a beautiful day at the sea, we only saw dolphins on new years eve though..
my loggy bear
the view from Sophies house to the beach on New Years day - it was unbelievably crowded, glad we spent the day at home!

people came in their droves to get to the beach for new years
our first trip to the beach for the holiday
Malakai enjoying his gymini

beautiful soldier
Malakai in his finest for the New Years Day celebrations
i lOVE sand
Darryl taking Logan for a swim on the only day she could actually go deeper into the sea, shame
my favorite place in the world, on the beach, with the sea splashing on my feet
Meggie popping the champagne a few seconds before midnight on New Years eve
To 2009, a year we pray for continued health and healing for Deqlan, for love and laughter and true happiness, and the cure for neuroblastoma and childhood cancer
Loren Megs and I , this was at 11pm when all the kids were eventually in bed, we had just finished enjoying a delicous Conrad potjie- you can see we are all mommies now, as soon as we said our Happy New Years, off to bed we went! We not used to staying up so late anymore!
Was great to have Loren and Darryl join us for new Years, and it was a gift to spend some quality time with the gorgeous mr Kai who was full of smiles!
Mr and Mr Guiness
Meggie and Conrad, i love this photo!
beautiful boy

Conrad and Darryl started the 'tea' drinking tradition
Happy New Year!
waiting for some supper!

Hello Gorgeous! Look how strong Malakai is!

Happy as can be in his bouncy chair. this was a winner for Deqlan to when he was smaller!


Caden Paul said...

Like Deqlan loves the sand, I LOVE these photos. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!
It was so nice seeing you last Saturday, I can't believe how beautiful Deqlan is growing!

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Ferreira Family said...

Such wonderful memories, Samm... Treasure these always!

Looks like your holiday was full of fun & happy times!

Claire, Stephan, Hannah & Stephan

Debbie said...

Glad to se you guys had a great time......

Love all the photos of kids and famly......hope all you guys have agret 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!