Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We are back

Hi All

We are back from the tests and it went so very very well - thank you so much for your prayers and calls and messages

We have come to discover a few tricks on how to keep Deqlan as happy and comfie as possible during the process of drawing blood from his port and doing a urine test - a must is his Clamber Club dvd, a packet of flings, biltong and of course his beloved juice and dont forget the dummy

As soon as sister Alida had everything open and ready to go Deqlan was on the bed watching his favorite Jog the Frog from clamber club. sipping on some ice tea ( a new favorite i discovered over the last two days seeing he wasnt allowed juice with vitamin c) and quite happy that Nanna, Dada and Mama where all in the room with him - he did not even flinch on eye lash as sister put the needle into his port in his chest. He wasnt happy with me holding his hand to stop him from moving or pulling at it , but luckily the drawing of blood was over very quickly!

Then sister Alida left us to it and we had to go through two collection bags, bit eventually our soldier gave us a very impressive specimen for the urine vma/hma test

Now, we ask for your continued prayers that the results are normal and that Deqlan remain NED. Then, we ask for your prayers for us to be patient as we need to wait until lunch time on the 30th of May, as always we need to LET GO AND LET GOD AND PLACE ALL OUR TRUST IN HIM.

Have a lovely day and thank you loyal prayer warriors, a finer army we could not imagine, Our Lord hand picked each and every single one of you!

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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