Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hello Deqlans Army

Please get your camo and green out a day earlier then planned - Dr De Jager cant see us on Friday , so we have changed the appointment to 1330 tomorrow, Thursday

I must say in a way I am a little happier that we don't have to wait to Friday, but i must say the nerves have definitely kicked in. I don't think it gets easier each time you wait for results - even though you tell yourself, next time, i wont let the nerves get to me as much, they still seem to. As i tell everyone else to do, i got to turn my worries into prayers and continue to trust, have faith and belief in Our Lord that the results are going to be normal and that Deqlan remains NED always.

So please say a prayer for our soldier that we get great news tomorrow, promise to let you know as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for your continued prayers and for all the lovely messages you leave on the blog, they are read with such thanks and love and they lift us up knowing how many people still follow and pray for our beautiful Deqlan.

We had a very successful speech and ot session yesterday. Deqlan did want to get out of the room first, but when we persisted in distracting him he eventually settled down and started to play with the toys in the room! He played with cars and books and loved some blocks made out of foam - i hid the blocks behind my back and then put them on my head and then on Deqlans and he gave such beautiful eye contact and giggles of laughter and then tired to repeat the blocks on his head himself! We are so impressed! Anri Louise then put shaving cream on a mirror ( Deqlan was previously enjoying looking at himself in the mirror) and he took great delight in touching this funny stuff and then proceeded to smear it all over the mirror! When we looked again, it was an hour after being in the room and Deqlan actually had his sessions in the room - what a break through ! Nanna discovered that by putting the chairs in front of the door, it does seem to distract him more from wanting to get out all the time. The amazing thing was, when we moved the chairs - we thought Deqlan would bolt to the door, but , he continued to play in the room! We are so proud of you my boy and hope this streak continues - if we can keep him in the room and his attention on the activities in the room we are sure he will learn so much more!

Deqlan continues to climb onto, around, in, out of anything he can - i love watching him do this but stand close by to ensure he doesn't hurt himself unnecessarily

We found a new story on tv , called IN THE NIGHT GARDEN- which Deqlan LOVES - HE LAUGHS CONTINUOUSLY at the little characters on the screen - where this writers get their ideas from i will never know, but hey it works , as Deqlan has become an avid fan! He still loves his Dub the most though, and continues to carry him around and give him loves !

Congrats to Dada, my wonderful husband, for coming second in a huge golf day he played in yesterday! Well done my love!

We must say a huge congrats to Logan - we read 97 Afrikaans words at her reading competition at school on Monday - wow - Logs - we are so proud of you and you are going to have to teach your little brother how to read very soon as he loves books just a much as you do! Love you and miss you Logs!

Also a huge thank you to Karen for being so thoughtful and spoiling me rotten by sending me to Lisle for a wonderful and amazingly relaxing facial - it was wonderful and it was great to meet Lisle! You always think of others Karen and you are an amazing family , thank you so much!

Please say a prayer for our gorgeous Deqlan and for all our friends around the globe fighting so bravely God Bless you all and have a great day

Lots of love
Mark, Samm and Deqlan


elriza said...

We'll keep our fingers crossed and continue to pray for you guys for tomorrow! HAVE FAITH!

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Lindsey Stokes said...

Hi All,
Will definately be wearing my camo outfit tomorrow - praying that you receive good news! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
Love and miss you guys loads!
God Bless
Linz xxx

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK for tomorrow!!!! We will be praying for Deqlan and we know all will be just fine!

lots of love
jelenka & gianna

Jennifer said...

Good Luck tomorrow. I'm keeping both my fingers & toes crossed for you! Look forward to hearing about your good news and that Deqlan stays NED forever!

With love,
Jenn & Adrian

Kate Perschon said...

Thanks for always posting such encouraging messages on Drew's site- and thanks for linking him here. We will continue to pray that Dequlan's scans are always NED! It's wonderful to join that club with you... Your family is beautiful. I can tell you also have a lot of support- which makes all the difference, doesn't it? If you'd like, e-mail me and I'll share with you what Drew's oncologists had to say about the eye flaring up... interesting- and will ease your mind greatly. God bless always...

Kate Perschon

Anonymous said...

Good luck guys. We are thinking of you and hope Deqlan remains NED!

Forever in our prayers

Don, Sam and Mia xxx

Anonymous said...

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