Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank you thank you and thank you again!

The pjamas continue to pour in - we are once again so grateful and blessed by your generosity and supporting us in all we set out to do , in order to help others.

Thank you so very very much to Cynthia and Tania for the GORGEOUS pjs and warm socks! They are to beautiful! I just adore the duck ones, if they came in my size, i would definitely get myself a pair! They are all beautiful and the kids are going to love them! Thank you for all your support and prayers for Deqlan and our other warriors! We appreciate it so much, thank you!

Sam, my dear friend, you always come through for us, you always jump in at every chance to help and you always get the kids at school to help you - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being there for us. Thank you to the crew at Southdowns school for the fantastic collection of pjs recieved - Tammy, Sarah , Shezenn and Megan - you are amazing and i am in awe of the huge contribution you girls have made, thank you so very much for us and all the kids! Every single pair is beautiful and will be worn with so much joy and pride!

God Bless you all and shower you with His blessings as you continue to give to us and others
Lots of love, thanks and gratefulness
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and our army!

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