Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers day


What a glorious day we had! What a gift to wake up to the sound of Deqlans voice and him and Dada holding a special packet for Mama! Pjamas, a Mary J Blige cd, 3 beautiful inspirational books and a reading light for when i read Deqlan his bible stories - and the most beautiful card with the most beautiful words which left me feeling so loved, and cared for and appreciated- but my biggest gift and the biggest gift i can ever receive is looking at my beautiful Deqlan and then feeling his arms around me as I hug him to say thank you!

We had a lovely morning playing together and had a run or two outside as the weather was so lovely!

We then headed off to Nannas house for our Mothers day celebrations. We enjoyed a 'picnic' lunch with lots of lovely treats enjoyed by all! Great Nanna and Great Grandpa also joined us so it was extra special!

Our warrior slept most of the afternoon as he didnt have his morning nap and Keaton kept us all entertained with his beautiful coo's and smiles! What a beautiful day, thank You Dear Lord for the gift of family and the gift of mothers and the gift of being a Mother to Deqlan, my beautiful and brave soldier

My beautiful Deqlan - you made me the proudest person alive the day I become your Mama - words can not explain the immediate love i had for you , the second i found out i was expecting you - i fell in love you! That love was cemented the day you where actually placed in my arms - i will never forget the first sneeze you had in your Dada's arms or the sound of you crying as we waited to be pushed to the ward - your first outfit , our first night together - i never wanted to put you down, i wanted to hold onto to you and cuddle you and kiss you and just enjoy the miracle of you being my son. I knew there was something so special and unique about you....Watching you role and sit and get your first tooth and hear your giggles and eventually Mama - blew my breath away and got me so excited each time you did something new and wonderful - the world stopped so that i could freeze that moment in time.

During the last year of your journey with neuroblastoma - my absolute love & devotion to you continues to grow. Although you where so ill my beautiful boy and had been put through so much , you continued to laugh and be the light of our lives helping us to get through days i didn't think i was going to get through . Our Lord continued to show His love through your healing. I try and take in every moment, every sound, every word, every giggle and laugh you so beautifully make. I am so proud of you my Deqlan and I promise to try my all and everything to be the best mom i can be to you - I cant wait to wake up each day and discover new things with you and treasure each new day and each new experience - You are the most precious gift The Lord could ever give me and i love you with all my heart and soul. My greatest achievement will be as our Mama, I love you. Thank you for choosing me as your Mama, it is my honor and absolute privilege and I cant wait to experience with you my Darling Boy!

My Darling Mom - you have set the perfect example of what it is to be a mom - to put all else last, to instill Our Lords love in your child , to love and nurture and care for and support - i could write an essay - thank you for being the best Mom and Nanna I could have ever have been Blessed with. You never get tired ( i am sure you do , but you never show it ) and nothing is ever to much or to big or impossible for you. There are not enough times I could say thank you , not enough ways - for all you and Dee continue to do for us as a family - thank you , we love you so very very much, my guardian angel on earth.

Meggie - your very first mothers day! What a fantastic Mom you are to your precious Keaton - he certainly did choose very well - you continue to inspire me at the love and dedication you have for only the best care for your little prince - well done Megs what a fantastic job you are doing - thank you to for being the best Godmother for our Deqlan and for all the love and prayers and Gods gifts you continue to tell Deqlan about.

Nan, what a beautiful lady and inspiration you are to all of us - you are a wonderful Mom, Nan and Great Nan - we are so proud to call you Nan - you are a walking miracle and continue to teach us so many things. May Our Lord continue to keep you in great health and look after you always, we love you so very much.

Aunty Rene - we hope you had a lovely mothers day at the vaal! Thank you for bringing up such a fine son, my husband and Deqlan and Logans Dada. Thank you so very very much for stepping in over the last few months and taking such amazing care of Logan. She loves spending time with you and Grandpa at the Vaal and you are doing a great job at making sure she feels loved and nurtured, thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Gran - we are so glad you are feeling better, thank Our Healing Lord for working his miracles in such a loyal follower. Thank you to you and Uncle Hank for continuing your prayers and well wishes for our soldier. We hope you had a lovely Mothers day and we hope you continue to heal each and every day!

All our love, hats off and hugs to all the Moms in our lives, and to all those whose precious children are now sitting in the lap of Jesus, we salute and remember you to!


Our soldier is no longer a teen anymore....he officially moved into the twenties on the 11th of May - he is now a fabulous 20 months old! We are so proud of you my precious boy!

Snug as a bug continues to touch so many - Thank you dear Sophie for the stunning pjamas -you to , have an enormous heart and such a giving spirit -i love the helicopter ones and actually want to go and get Deqlan a pair as you know how much he loves his helicopters! Thank you Soph for all our love and support and for giving to others we need it so much, we so appreciate it!

We went to play therapy today and it went pretty well - the sessions where shorter. Deqlan again took us by the hand and walked down the corridor into the room of his choice - as soon as he was settled Nanna and Mama left and let Esedra try and work her magic. Deqlan was definitely interested in the items around the room, but as soon as he realised we where no longer in the room , got a little upset and asked for me! He didn't get to upset and calmed down a bit as soon as Esedra brought him down the hall back to us. We where very happy that he called for me and did give Esedra some nice eye contact.

Our soldier had a bit of a run outside and a look at his favorite thing, cars and then we attempted the occupational therapy session - he willingly went to Anri Louise but as soon as she had closed the door, he wanted out and was not interested in anything in the ot room. We landed up playing outside with Deqlan and discussed that he could have a real issue with being in a room with the door closed as this is what wants him to get out of it - when the door is closed? Perhaps all the treatment and hospital stays ring in his mind when doors are closed? So we are going to try a few exercises to try and make doors fun , so as to get him to stay in a room without worrying about opening the door, so he can concentrate on the task and exercises at hand.

Please remember to say a prayer for our soldier as we go for our tests tomorrow morning at 8 - i have our camo and green outfits laid out and ready for the day - we continue to place all our trust in You Dear Lord and pray that your will is that Deqlan remains NED always.

Please also pray for Deqlans Grandpa Derek as he goes for his check up on Thursday - he had prostate cancer 10 years ago and continues to go for check ups every 3 months - and we still get anxious a day before to, i dont think that will ever change - we got to continue placing our trust in The Lord!

Have a lovely evening and shall try to post pics of Mothers day now to!

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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