Thursday, April 1, 2010


Please join us in supporting World Autism Awareness day, tommorow 2 April, by wearing all the different colours of the rainbow instead of just the normal blue!

Our kids are as beautiful, as colourful and as unique as each colour of the rainbow, but hold such promise! Please help us create awareness especially this month by telling people about Autism, and that it is treatable , there are things we can do to help our children reach their full potential!


- More education,that parents and families are lead in the right directions for the children right from the start

-More funds to help every single child, that no one is turned away because they cant afford the specific therapies and diets and supplements

- More acceptance of people and embracing their uniqueness

- More medical professionals to get on board with the parents and accept that bio medical treatments do work for our kids , so why wont they help us?

- More options for the children who turn into adults, that still have to deal with Autism every day , that they are accepted into our society and given every chance and oppurtunity they deserve

I intend to use the month of April to spread as much awareness as i can , and to inform people with links and sites and videos to open the lock to the world of autism and to try and find these gorgeous people, within themselves, they are in there!

Thank you for all your support and love for Deqlan, he is thriving and proof that if you can find the key to unluck the potential the possibilities will amaze and delight and leave you saying thank You Lord for each moment of very day , every word, every bit of eye contact, every smile, every puzzle piece put into place, every drawing, every bit of social interaction, even if in appropriate, and my favorite at the moment, every note of every song Deqlan is singing

All our love and thank you for all your prayers and love and support, may they never end

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Lacey said...

I had no idea that it was world autism day tomorrow. I feel bad that I've left autism in the dust after Jax was born with so many life threatening illnesses. But my autistic Tanner is amazing! We definitely need more autism schools here. We have one, and Tanner got in for his second year in preschool. He started there not saying one word and left talking in short sentences! It was amazing. As he gets older his tendancies have changed a bit. Now we get major meltdowns and anxiety. Drugs are helping with that. But he is doing fantastic and I think he will lead a normal life!

Nanna and Grandpa said...
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Nanna and Grandpa said...

My precious Samm, Thank You for being such an outstanding ADVOCATE of yet another, vitally important cause. You are an inspiration to me as you surely are to many others. Your passion in helping our precious Deqlan is inspirational and it is a gift from God to see you in action with him. You are as blessed to have Deqlan as your son as he is to have you as his Mamma. May our gracious Lord and Holy Spirit, guide the devoted researchers all over the world to soon discover how to pull every child with ASD and/or PDD "through the window" and "off the spectrum". These are Your very special children Lord and they have unlimited potential. Help all who work with these children recognize each child's uniqueness and find the "key" to "unlock" that potential.
Thank You Lord for the glorious improvements we witness and experience with our Deqlan every single day. This is the manifestation of another miracle from You. We are truly blessed. Samm, may God and the Holy Spirit continue to shower upon you the passion, energy, devotion,dedication,commitment,
sacrifices, faith, hope and love and all the other incredible qualities required to "make a difference" and give Deqlan such a magnificent foundation in life, with the promise of a future filled with hope and glory. He is destined for great things, of that we can all be certain.

Our beautiful and precious Deqlan, we are so very proud of all that you have achieved, are achieving and those which you will continue to achieve, on your terms and in your own time. You inspire us every day to be the best we can be. We love you beyond measure our "Little Man of Prayer!"
May God bless you Samm so that you can continue being a blessing to so many others. I am honoured to be your Mother and Deqlan's adoring Nanna

All my love,
Mom and Nanna

April 2, 2010 6:09 PM