Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A Very Proud Dad and Keje
Me, Dee, Keje and Mom

Denise, Keje and Jeran
Mom and Keje
The three cousins- boy i wish i could post photos from when we were younger and what we three used to get up to...from fashion shows to "radio broadcasts" straight out of our bedroom ' in touch in tune and independant' I KNOW YOU LAUGHING MEGS AND KEJE!
Keje cuddling Deqlan
Just LOVE this photo of Nan - she lent Jerans cap , so cute!
Grandpa, Keje and Nan

Deqlan tending to Uncle Ken and Aunty Jennis flowers - Keaton broke them off and Deqlan was trying to put them back on! He he he

My mom and her wonderful brother Ken - my uncle and godfather to!!

Keje, Deqlan and Me!

What a delicous lunch it was, what a stunning day with our wonderful family, thank you all for having us

Keje and Megs

A gorgeous photo of Keaton and Deqlan! Go Brazil and Go Bafana Bafana!!

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon lunch at Uncle Ken - Aunty Jenni is away in Germany at the mo, but we got to catch up with Jeran and Denise and Kejenne , who was visiting home for 2 weeks! Keje has been away for over a year now, sailing around the beautiful and gorgeous seas of Europe! She is mostly between France and Italy and we loved seeing her for the afternoon catching up and hearing all her very entertaining stories and adventures!
I am so proud of you Keje that you are living out your dreams and learning so much on this journey of life! You are looking absolutely fantastic, so happy and content and as always, so full of wisdom and wonderful words of advise. I wish you many happy travels, many extraordinary adventures,many life changing moments, many happy and healthy days as you travel the sea's of the world! Remember what i told you, each time you see dolphins, you will know we are thinking of you and sailing with you in spirit!
So proud of you Keje, God Bless and keep you safely and bring you back safely home when the wind blows this way again! We love you! Bon Voyage
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Ha ha! I used to love those fashion shows and radio broadcasts from the toilet paper roll hanging from the light with a string as our microphone! Good memories indeed! Was an awesome afternoon! Keje you will be missed so much again but as you have done before, spread your wings and fly! You are looking so good! I know you are happy! Love you and God bless! Megs