Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi Deqlans Prayer army

thanks so much for your prayers ans messages for Deqlan today. We are home and Deqlan is happy!

He was such a star not being able to drink, he did ask for milk 4 or 5 times and i just said ' MAMA SO SILLY I FORGOT IT AT HOME! WILL GET SOME FOR YOU NOW NOW' and he seemed ok with that....

We did loads more reading last night and discovered how bad nitrous oxide can be for kids with autism- he hampers methylation - the bodies way of getting rid of toxins. I made contact with 3 families use kids regressed ( lost all the skills they gained) after having anesthetic! My Mom even called Debbie and Jeff in Canada to get their opinion, Jeff runs his own dental practise . He doesnt even keep it in his practise - he also advised how neuro toxic it can be! Thank you guys for helping us in our decision for today!

So there was no way Mark and I were willing to chance this happening. We were not evens sure if we were going to go ahead this morning . We kept asking God for a sign that we were doing the right thing

Off we went, Dada, Mama, Nanna and Deqlan to Protea Netcare , very bright and early this morning and were so amazed by the very caring understanding staff. It was really a refreshing experience. We had a very in depth chat with the anethetist who was very understanding about all our concerns and was more then willing not to use nitrous oxide but another gas called sevoflurane! BINGO! My first confirmation from God this was all going to be ok - the other autism moms suggested using this one as the body is able to git rid of it easier!

Then it was time for Deqlan to go into theatre and brave Dada was the one as always, to take Deqlan in. Of course Mama had a few tears , but then Nanna quickly brought me back on track to continue having Faith in Our Lords plans for Deqlan NOT TO HARM HIM!!

Mark told me that Deqlan was given a sticker in theater and guess what sticker it was? A FROG! Thank You Lord for another sign of re assurance

After about an hour and a half our little superstar was wheeled out - not happy at all, and coughing a very raspy sounding cough. He was very upset and we tried hard to calm him, eventually after some juice and watching some Thomas, and cuddly with me, he calmed and fell asleep again. When Deqlan woke up we got him some Macdonalds chips and he wolfed them down!He is now playing and watching his dvds singing and talking and laughing, THANK YOU LORD!!

Dr Nicky and her mom, who is also her assistant came to say hi before we left. Luckily we didnt leave this any longer, an abcess has started on the left molar! So Deqlan on antibiotics for that - luckily we have another round of diflucan due to start Monday , so that will help him cope with that. She took at the nerves of two molars and filled them, also had to take the nerves out of the front two teeth, which she also filled and cleaned - they look beautiful!!! What an amazing dentist , with such a passion for children, i would recommened her to everyone! Thank you Dr Nicky for making this as stress free as possible for us, you are amazing!

Thank You Nanna for all your hard work in making sure we made the right decisions for Deqlan. Thank You My love for putting up with me when i am very stressed and for helping us to make the right decision. Thank You Deqlan for being our beautiful , brave, courageous, clever, cute, gorgeous boy - thank You for bringing me through today, we love you more then life itself! Thank You Lord for always answering our prayers as we pray for them, for guiding us in the right directions, for healing Deqlan, we love and worship and praise and honor You each moment of every day!

Thank you all for your loving prayers and support, we love you Deqlans prayer army, he sends you all a biggg hug !

God Bless, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Debbie said...

Glad it is all sorted out and Deqlan feeling better!!!

Amazing how when you need a sign from God if your heart is open you will always get your sign!!!! I am the same way...

Glad you all truelly are blessed with a loving supportive family!!!!!!

Big hug